Chapter 18

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I came home late last night since Pierce still wanted to take me to dinner. The day ended way too soon. He had walked me up to my building's entrance then gave me a lingering peck on the cheek. My face immediately flushed from the gesture. He bid me goodnight, like the gentleman he was, as he told me that he had a great time, hoping for a next time.

"You said one date." I countered.

He smirked, giving away that cute dimple. "I never said that I would stop asking." With that, he winked then proceeded to walk off to his car then left, his car disappearing into view.

I was now sprawled in my sheets, wide awake at eight on a Sunday morning, wondering if Hugh was already awake. I took a peak out the door to smell brewing coffee but there wasn't any. Hugh wasn't awake yet which was not usual since he was a morning person. Standing outside Hugh's bedroom, I tried to knock a few times. No one answered so I tried to turn the knob quietly to open the door to his room.

He was still sleeping as I entered stealthily. When I reached the end of his bed, I jumped onto Hugh's sleeping form, squishing him in the process.

"Girl, what the hell's wrong with you?" He groaned, stirring in his sleep.

Smiling evilly, I screeched, "Good morning!"

He grumbled some curse words on his pillow, burying his face further. I stopped him from falling sleep again. "Come on Hugh! Christmas is in a few weeks. We need to buy presents."

I could sense that I was being annoying right now but Hugh needed to wake up.

"Not today." He groaned, reaching for his phone to check the time. "It's like eight in the morning. The malls are still closed."

"Well, yeah but let's do something today." I pouted.

He turned his head slightly to face me, squinting from the sunlight that came through the square window that was draped with white curtains. His hair was an unruly black mop of mess.

"You sure are annoying today." Rolling his eyes, he scoffed as he noticed my radiant aura.

"I had a great day yesterday. Thanks for, you know, helping Pierce out. Everything was perfect." I said dreamily, rolling off Hugh as I lay beside him.

Chuckling weakly, "I didn't even do anything. He just asked me where you would usually go. Where'd he take you anyway?"

"He took me to a wharf. I didn't expect to see such place full of merriment." I continued to gush, telling Hugh about the night we had shared. Eventually, he was wide awake as he paid attention to every detail of what had happened.

In the end, I had convinced Hugh to go shopping for presents with me that afternoon. He grumbled all the way to the shopping center since he still had a lot of work to do. I had promised him that I wouldn't be bothering him after this day and would try my hardest to prepare him an edible breakfast every morning before I had to leave for London.

"I'd rather choke than try your cooking, missy." He teased which caused an instant reflex to my arm to slap him across the chest.

He stumbled a bit from my attack, frowning. "Hey! Don't damage the goods."

"It's not the only goods I'm going to destroy." I retorted, earning him a death glare as I swerved my gaze to his crotch. Eyes wide, he immediately tried to cover his crotch protectively with his hands.

"You're a violent woman, you know that?" He mumbled under his breath as we entered the shopping center. I gave him a mischievous grin in which he just rolled his eyes at me.

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