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i was waiting for david to open his door, my hands were shaking because i was so mad right now. he opened and i entered. "hey what happened?" he asked as i soon as he saw my angry face.

"god i hate myself" i sighed. "weeks ago, i said to timmy to take charlie on a date and now things are bad, really bad" i sat down on the couch. "they're glued to each other"

it was true, timothée and charlotte were practically dating, she was always at his place and they didn't even bother to invite me. okay, i don't want to see them have sex, but they are my best friends and i barely see them. "why did you give the idea then?"

"because they're my friends and i thought that it wouldn't ruin our friendship" i mumbled. i was tearing up and when david saw that, he sat down by my side.

"hey, don't cry" he hugged me. "they're just two idiots for doing this to you"

"charlie is practically living with him and i just feel so alone" i cried. "they were mad at me for hanging out with you, zane and matt, and now they do this!" i wrapped my arms around his waist, hiding my face in his black shirt.

david was just listening to me crying and comforting me, trying to make me calm down. it is good to know that i at least have him to count on. i was so sad with this whole situation, i never thought this would've happened. "do you want some water?" i shook my head.

"can you please just hold me?" i closed my eyes.

"of course" he mumbled. and we stayed like this until i stopped crying. david was so good to me, i don't deserve him. "do you want to go with me shoot something in the guy's house? if you don't you can just stay here, i'll be right back" i opened my eyes to look at him.

"i'll go" i nodded and got up. i ran my hand through my hair because it was a complete mess. david grabbed his stuff and i followed him to his tesla. the drive to the house was quiet, with only random music playing. "what are you guys filming?" i asked while we entered the house.

"we're announcing our summer tour" he smiled. zane said something to me about this tour thing and i was happy for them.

"oh hey" todd came in the living room "chiqui is cleaning so we have to film in my room" and he returned to his room with us following him. zane, heath, and scott were there too. i waved at them and laid down on todd's bed, taking off my slides. david grabbed his camera and explained to them his idea. after filming it, david laid down by my side and i rested my head in his chest. "stop cuddling in my bed" todd laughed slapping david's leg.

"shut up todd" david kicked him.

"such a cute couple" zane scoffed giving me a look.

"i'm just sad" i said adjusting myself in david's chest.

"what happened baby?" zane asked sitting in the edge of the bed.

"my friends, they're a pain in my ass" i sighed. david asked scott to give him his laptop and he did. he pushed his leg up to support the laptop and started editing with one hand. the other one was trailing up and down in my arm, making me have goosebumps everywhere.

"who? charlotte and timothée?" todd asked and i nodded, watching david editing the outro. "are they dating?"

"yeah, i think so" i rolled my eyes and not because of todd.

"do you want to talk about it?" zane rubbed my leg.

"i don't want to cry right now" i said shutting my eyes.

"ok baby, we're here for you whenever you need" i smiled not looking at him. david was still running his hand on my arm while editing and talking to the guys. it was good to be in his arms, just enjoying his company.

and it was in that exact moment that i've realized that i like david. the way he makes me feel, i just couldn't deny that feeling. i mean, when he looks at me and smile, my heart starts to pound so fast, or when he touches me like he was doing right now, i feel the electricity running through my whole body. and with that thought, i fell asleep right there, hugging him close to me.

i woke up hours later, tapping on the bed, looking for david. i sat up and looked around the dark room. i grabbed my phone in my back pocket. it was almost 9 pm, shit. i got up and put back my slides to exit the bedroom. when i went to the living room, i saw jason and trisha on the couch. "hey, where's everyone?" i asked.

"oh, hey" jason smiled. "scott and kristen are in their room, todd and david went out" he explained.

great. "shit, david was my ride" i sighed.

"do you want me to take you home?"

"no, it's ok, i'll call an uber" i gave him a small smile. i checked my pockets, feeling my car keys, my wallet, and my phone. i grabbed it and ordered an uber. "my uber is almost here, so bye guys" i waved at them and left the house. then, after a couple of minutes, my uber arrived.

the whole drive i was sad and angry. david left me there without saying anything, not even a text. i cried all day in his shoulder, maybe he had enough of me for the day. i sighed and checked my phone. still nothing.

phe😋: hey, i left my car parked in your
garage but i'll pick it up tomorrow

dave🐸: don't worry

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