Chapter 46

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Chapter 46


I sigh. When I get back into consciousness, I notice the bright light in the room shining through my closed eyelids.


Harry's raspy morning voice continues again. I turn my body over so I can open my eyes in peace without blinding myself. I groan as I turn due to my numb body from my deep sleep. I could feel my muscles slowly wake up, energizing my body slightly. I hear Harry's footsteps move around the bed, his sigh louder than usual. I open my eyes to see Harry look down at me from the side of the bed. He smiles and leans down, his hands sinking into the mattress in front of my chest.

He leans a little lower, kissing at my forehead. When I smile, I lift my head to align our lips, they gently press against each other. Our closed lips kissed once, twice and a third time. I move my head away but Harry comes lower, kissing me again, parting my lips as he kisses deeply with me. His tongue enters my mouth, rubbing against the inside of my lower lip as mine copies but on the inside of his upper lip.

The bed moves as one of his hands come to my cheek, his nose exhaling air loudly then intakes softly. His thumb rubs over my jawline and when I go to reach up to him he climbs onto the bed, I stop moving my arms for him to get comfortable. Turning me onto my back, he then separates our kiss to grab a hold of the duvet and the sheet underneath it to pull it onto and over himself as he sat next to me.

I watch him in awe, he carefully brings himself to my right thigh, his knee tapping at me lightly. He comes down to kiss me once again, his mouth parting both our lips. His teeth bite and grip my lips. He gently pulls my bottom lip, sucking on it before he lets go and harshly kisses me again, maneuvering his tongue around the inside of my mouth. None of that bothered me, I wanted much more. I smile against his lips, guilty falling for the painful actions he played on me.

When I don't move my legs he takes his hand down from my jaw and glides it along to my torso and to my left thigh, gently pulling it to the side, being so extra careful to not unleash a trigger in me. He lightly tapped my thigh for permission and when I didn't respond to his movement that's when he took it as a yes and opened my thighs. I confidently open my legs after, getting into what he was thinking. Our lips continue to move, small clicking noises coming from our lips echoed in my ears, tingling me throughout my body. His light biting and his hitched breathing, all erotic and lust-inducing movements. He moves himself over my thighs, sitting in between my legs. His lower torso leans into me when he took his hands to both of my thighs and lifted me resting me closer to him.

This morning must have had something in the air for a half-naked Harry to come and harshly make out with me. There aren't usual times where Harry would come and kiss me and continue it to a point where he was in control, controlling lust in me. Never to a point where his thighs touched the back of mine. And I didn't mind it. I was never a morning person but if every morning I could wake up and feel Harry's touch like this, I would happily become a morning person.

'Babe,' he mumbles between our kiss. He pecks at me some more before he leaves my lips numb and swollen, and looks down at me with his elbows resting beside my shoulders. I hummed in his response and I lifted my slow arms around his neck, my fingertips pulling and twirling around the baby hairs behind his head softly. I felt sort of out of breath and I slowly inhaled and exhaled before he continued suffocating me again with his perfectly lined lips. I watched his Adam's apple move when his eyes then scanned mine. '...please.' He breathed out in a soft murmur.

I could tell. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it to. A full month of nothing but hidden and unknown feelings lead you into a deep hole of desperation for lusting. I was never the type to have an encounter like this out of a relationship, so doing this before our relationship was off premises. But I should have done something, a full month of nothing burns your core when you're around someone as hot and handsome as Harry.

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