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Ethan's POV

It's been 2 weeks now since the whole incident. She's been very distant. It's almost as if she took back all the words she said . It shocked me too when she said those 3 words back. It all shocked me . I never expected for her to kiss me at all .  After she kissed me she took off running. She left me unguided. I didn't know what to do after what happened. I'm laying in bed looking up at the wraith stars on the ceiling in my room . It's been a while since I have been in my pent house . She's all that rushes through my mind every second of the day . I can't control it even if I tried. I love that woman to death.

Mary's POV

I'm running in the rain trying to get to him .
He's all that has been running through my mind . As much as I tried to deny my feelings for him I just couldn't stop myself. I can't stay away from him . He's driving me insane that it's scaring me . I kept dreaming of him . I kept seeing his presence and hearing his voice . I was going crazy trying to keep him out of my head . He was just everywhere I looked .

I finally made my way into the elevator. God I hate elevators. I need him now . My body was yearning for him . 3 and 2 . I finally arrived to his penthouse. I ran to his room praying that he was there . Thank god . He was laying in bed with his sheets covering his bare chest as he looked up at the stars in the ceiling. Without even thinking I jumped onto him and kissed him .

"Fuck." I muttered under my breath.

"I love you Ethan Dolan." I said meaning it with every emotion in me .

He looked at me with the biggest smile on his face .

"I love you." He said which caused chills to run down my back.

He quickly jumped on top of my body as he began to take off my clothing . After he undressed me fully he began to kiss me hungrily. He matched my nude body by taking off his boxer briefs. His hands began roaming my body along with his lips . Kisses began trailing down my neck and down to my chest .

He stopped for a brief second as he towered over me .

"Are you ready?" He asked knowing it's been a while .  I nodded my head yes .

His member entered me unexpectedly making me gasp .  He began thrusting into me making me moan uncontrollably. I haven't felt his length in a very long time .  He slowly thrusted into me making me feel every stroke .

"Ethan!" I moaned out.

He held my body so close to his which made me even more comfortable. The pleasure he was giving me was incredible. The kisses he gave me were like nothing else . He's got his hook on me .

"Fuck ." He moaned quietly into my ears causing me to shiver .

I don't know what's happening right now. All I know is that it feels right. Being here making love to him feels right . After he explained everything to me at the beach I was shocked . I didn't want to believe it . He showed me his badge and everything. I never knew my dad put me in so much danger after his passing .

He's sort of like a fucked up guardian angel.
He's my fucked up guardian angel. He put me through pain so I wouldn't have to suffer later . Here we are , it's later and I'm perfectly fine . He kept me safe after all these years . I might've been in an insane amount of pain , but it was only temporary. He said losing August wasn't part of his job. August died because of his past life . It hurt me to lose my first true love ,but I'm ok now . Ethan Thanks August every single day for making his job a little easier.  Everything seems to be going right . The days don't seem so cloudy anymore. I'm starting to see the sun a bit more clearer now . But deep inside I still feel the pain that resonates . It's like a silent reminder .

Some time later

"Hey baby!" I take Royalty into my arms for a hug .

"Hey mommy! I missed you !" She kissed my cheek .

" I missed you too babygirl." I honestly did miss her .

"Hey Momma Joyce  ." I said releasing her from my arms .

"Hey , hows it been?"She said with a soft smile on his face.

"Great . It's been going good. How about you. How's it been going momma ?" I sat on my couch .

"Good , I just came to drop off Royalty just like you asked . I have to go somewhere important. Excuse me babygirl." She kissed my forehead and walked out in a rush .

I got up and locked the door . I walked upstairs and got ready to visit August's grave . It's been a year since I lost my baby . It's been one year since I lost the almost father of my deceased child . It still hurts like hell . Just knowing I almost brought a little him into the world kills me . I miss August like hell . The memories of him dying before my eyes are cemented into my head . I can try to be happy but I know I'm not . It's just a face I put on so the people around me don't lose their smile .

"I miss you Aug."

"I miss you like hell ."

"I still can't wrap my head around this whole thing. It still feels like your here with me ." I began choking up .

"I hope our babygirl or boy is happy . I hope your happy with Mel ." Tears dared to fall out of my eyes .

"Just make this go away. Make me get rest again. Make me feel secure again August."

"Take care of me August."I said right before I broke down .

"It's five in the afternoon and you have me crying here . Please let me see you one more time ." I was up against his tombstone. My eyes were closed trying to keep the tears from falling.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I quickly looked up and saw him. I couldn't believe my eyes .  He was standing right in front of me . He had a baby in his arms . He was cradling it gently.

"It's a boy ." He smiled .

Tears began pouring out of my eyes .

"He has your eyes ." He walked closer to me .

He knelt down to me and showed me a beautiful babyboy. I couldn't believe what was happening. My child was beautiful.

"Isn't he beautiful." I nodded .

"Hi baby . I'm your mommy . I love you . I'll be home soon ." I was so at peace .

August wrapped his arm around me and brought me close to him .

"I love you babygirl. I miss you so much . I'll be taking care of you . Just be careful, you have a baby boy that's watching you ."  Those were his last words right before he vanished into thin air .

I ran to the car and sped off with tears running down my face .  I just saw my baby boy . I just saw August. He was so happy . He was so happy with his baby.

Ethan will probably think I'm crazy.

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