1• Lost

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Cover credit to Nandinixxmanik

"Manik." I pounced on him, hugging him tightly. "We finally succeeded." I snuggled more into his arms, looking at the progress chart.

"Our hard work paid off." He caressed my hair gently and I could feel him kiss the top of my head. He and his sweet gestures.

I pulled away and pouted. "I am so tired Manik." I loosened my tie and acted as if I was tired.

"Drama queen." Manik chuckled. "You can directly tell me you need your energy drink."

He knew me so well. The very next moment he pulled me closer by my waist and I felt his lips against mine. Encircling my hands around his neck, I smiled before kissing him back. I nibbled in his juicy lips, devouring it and he too wasn't leaving a stone unturned in devouring mine. Our tongues fought for dominance while I could feel our heart beats perfectly matching with each others.

We slowly let our lips part when Mr. Oxygen crossed our way. I looked at his eyes which reflected passion and love for me. I smiled.

"I love you." He whispered and pecked my lips.

"I love you too." I whispered back before coming on my tiptoes and pecking his lips. It had been two years since we had been dating.

My dad knows about us but my dad doesn't like Manik so much. However how can he go against my will?

"We should celebrate Manik." I doubt if I sounded over enthusiastic. But never mind he smiled and agreed to celebrate today's night.

We stepped out of the office and that was when I realized it had been snowing. "Manik it's snowing." I was so excited to see the snow. I looked at the sky. "It's the first snowfall."

"I can see that." Manik said in a mocking way and I punched him on his arms, making him laugh.

He held my hand as we walked slowly in the snow. "Manik let's make a promise." I said, looking at the white snow.


"Yea." I smiled, holding onto his hand tighter. "Let's promise that every year on the first snow fall, we will meet and spent some time together, no matter how much busy we are or wherever we are."

"Promise." I looked at him, smilingly.

"Promise." He too looked at me and smiled.

He pulled me closer as if he was sealing his promise. He then pecked my cheeks lightly and I could feel my heart shiver. Our promise was sealed.

Right then I heard the screeching sound of the tyres. I turned around only to see a car coming towards our direction in full speed. I was pushed to the other direction and my head banged on the rock. My vision blurred and I saw Manik lying on the pool of blood. "Maaniik." I struggled to call him and reach him. But I blacked out.

One Year Later

"It's your biggest achievement Nandini." Navya pounced on me, taking me in her embrace. I had been working hard all day and nights since six months for this project and I finally had succeeded.

It indeed was my biggest achievement but something felt incomplete. My heart strangely felt heavy, looking at the progress charts.

Shouldn't I be happy right now? But then why does my heart feel heavy?

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