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So...sad news;

I'm ending the book.

And I really will miss this book. It's my most successful book (comparing it to my other account that I have).

I started this 3 years ago (or maybe 2, considering the fact that 2019 just started).

I've never been happier to see all your comments and votes.

This book has made me realise how many opportunities I was opened up to if I took up writing.

Even writing short and shitty riddles got me a little support.

I'll be posting a few more chapters and I'll let you know when I'm ending but I can tell you, it's going to be really soon.

Thank you to everyone who have read my books and voted and commented and tried your best to answer the riddles. I really love you all❤️

I won't be closing this account and I'll leave the book here if y'all wanna do anything with it (like take screenshots or share it with your friends).

I'll see y'all in the next chapter :)

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