we need to talk, r e a l l y r e a l l y bad

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Idk how to start this but ok.

So lately, I've been pulled back into Anime community.

But not so much, just to watch a bit and stuff.

And I had gotten to this anime called Happy Sugar Life, which has been here about few months now.

And I watched two episodes and im like "W H A T T H E F U C C? ?"

I said many times before back in time that I hate pedophilicy, incest and necrophilia.

But this anime has only pedophilia.

So lemme give you spoilers of how fucked this, whatever is, anime.

So apparently, a pinkhead girl called Satou is living alone with a small child called Shio.

Well, for now doesnt seem nothing disgusting, right?


Satou is yandere and she lived with that small child Shio, who somehow they love each other???

Like, every night they have their 'vows' where they say vows to each other like getting married.

Im disgusted.

But that aint over yet!

Apparently, Shio is missing out and her brother is looking for her by posting missing flyers around the street.

But first of all, lemme say that every character here is a fucking psychopath. Except Shio, her brother (and Satou's friends).

Satou, at the first episode, starts working somewhere new and this manager, who is a woman, hates her for some reason or smth?

Anyways, the manager gets jelous bc other workers like Satou more then manager so she gets jelly.

And she gives her more working times. And then the pay day comes and somehoe, Satou has got small portion of money.

And then they have a talk, abt idk rlly, i dont remember-

But also, this psycho manager kidnapped another co-worker and used his body for sex slave or smth-

And this poor guy is traumatized whenever an older woman touches him.

And after that incident, that poor guy turns a fucking psycho.

Apparently, he sees Shio's missing post and becomes obsessed with her.

W t f?

Anyways, at Satou's school, there is this teacher who is married and has a child, is obsessed with Satou.

But ok, Satou is yandere so we dont worry about that.

Anyways, there is this another girl at other Satou's job who turns out to be yandere too, cuz she is also obsessed with Satou.

G o s h.

And now we have this lady, who is Satou's aunt and she is fucking psychopath too.

So she uses other man as sex slaves.

And uhhhg-

She sets a building on fure, where Satou dies by protecting Shio after they jumped from building.

And im like

B l i n k m o t h e r f u c k e r b l i n k

She doesnt fucking blink!!


i mean, art style is cute and eyes are pretty but plot is fucking cursed.

Probably I forgot important details of this thing I wrote but I said everything what bothered me.

Anyways, before you attack me with

"How do u kno this stuff if you only watched two episodes??"

I watched a reviews and saw what is going on with explanation.


This is not only thing to talk for today.

We have another problem.

There is this girl, called Carolyn Kropp, and she has Tik tok.

Idk of who yall have tik toks but be fucking careful.

This girl, is um...from reviews, is a pedophile.

She is 19 now but before when she was 15 she was attracted to 8 year olds.

Like, wtf-

And she is bi, which i dont seem to have any problems with but she is attracted to 13 year olds! And prob still into 8 year olds.

Like, wtf-

And she is frickng creeping me out with those big eyes like holy fuck-

I just want you tell you that, pleade be carefull.

And that pedophilia needs to be fucking banned from this world like, wtf-

Please be carefull ad have a good day.

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