Chapter 11: Proposal

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[Ash's P.O.V.]

It was later that night, and mostly everyone was asleep except for me. I couldn't sleep; I've been thinking about something. I loved Alexa with all of my heart. And I knew I would never leave her; I only wanted her. So why not propose to her? The sooner, the better, right? I looked over at her sleeping face and smiled. She looked so peaceful. So beautiful it almost took my breath away. I knew I had to do it. And I wanted to do it now. I slipped out of bed and out the door. My hand was on the door handle to the outside when I heard a voice behind me.

"Where are you going?" Jake asked, and I turned to face him. "I... I can't tell you," I scratcehd at the back of my head.

"Ashley..."  He said, eyeing me suspiciously, "Don't hurt her." I knew what he was talking about, and that hurt that my bandmate would think so low of me. I won't," I promised before slipping out into the cool night. To buy Alexa a ring.

Because I loved her.

And I knew I did.


[Alexa's P.O.V.]

I awoke the next morning and smiled at Ashley sleeping beside me. I snuggled closer against him and sighed happily. He must have woken up by the sudden movement; he looked tired. Like he'd been up all night or something. I narrowed my eyes questioningly, "Ashley?" My voice was quiet.

"Yes, love?" He yawned.

"Nothing..." Again, I was quiet, thinking. Did he leave last night? Leaning down, he kissed my forehead. "Well other than you being all scatter-brained this morning, you do look lovely," he whispered in my ear, and I giggled, despite my suspicions. "Yeah right. I just woke up; bed head!" I said, laughing.

Ash smirked, rubbing his nose against mine, making my giggle again. "That doesn't matter to me. You're still gorgeous," he told me, looking at me so adoringly that I wondered what was on his mind.

"Sure," I whispered, still teasing. He smiled and got off the bed slowly, pulling me with him. I stood, extremely confused, and gasped as Ash got down on one knee, still holding my hand.

"Alexa," he murmered, staring at me with those gorgeous big brown eyes. Tears filled my eyes as he opened a small box, where a silver ring with black diamonds and turquoise stones encircling it sat. It was just so asolutely beautiful. "I know I've only known you for a few days, but, through everything, I know deep down in my heart that I love you. THat I'll always love you. And whatever happens, I always will." Ashley paused then, to bring his hand that was holding mine to my stomachm where he spread our fingers over the thin fabric of my tanktop. A single tear dripped from my eye, as I knew what he was referring to.

"Will you marry me?" He breathed, his voice so hopeful, and his eyes so full of the love I knew I felt.

"Of course," I whispered, my voice breaking as tears flooded my cheeks. He grinned and slipped the ring on my finger, pulling me close and hugging me tightly. "I love you," he murmered into my hair.

"I love you too. So, so much," I whispered back, and I meant it. I felt it with all of my heart. Ash pulled back and rested his forehead against mine, staring into my eyes.

We stayed like that for a while, just gazing at each other, before a sharp knock sounded on the door. It was opened by Nisa, who bounced right on in, without ever waiting for an okay. When she saw us, her bright eyes widened and her mouth hung open, her cheeks flushing dark red. "I-I'm sooooooo s-sorry!" She stuttered, backing quickly out the door. I laughed and so did Ashley. He took my hand in his, "I want to show off my fiancée anyway," he said, wallking to the door. Of course, I complied, walking out with him, holding my head high.

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