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A heavy sigh escaped his bruised lips as he continued to look around for any survival of their pack , the intense scent of death and blood made him scrunch his nose . The alpha dragged his damaged body and heavy limbs in the territory , his steps getting slower with time but still he ignored all his cracking bones and continued .Nothing. No one's left. Even his mate , the one he wanted to start a family with , was nothing but a lifeless body on the cold ground now .
All growls died inside his chest , his wolf only whimpered because of the great loss and the helpless state he was in .

However he didn't have much left , his deep wounds never closed , and the bleeding didn't stop . The alpha refused to die in this shameless human form . He turned into his wolf form , so that everyone know he fought till the last second of his life , laid his blood soaked body next to his mate's then closed his eyes for the last time.

The  war happened and went on for a very long period but the beginning was buried underneath the ash of history  , and was now an unsolved mystery that costed thousands and hundreds of lives.
Numerous pack vanished , big heads that ruled for a very long time like the "Choi" disappeared , lands  villages and territories that were claimed by now dead alphas perished.
In this war "only the strongest survived" .

This was the beginning of something new  for the werewolves . A new cruel world with new rules and traditions that threw everything the ancestors passed away and created some "twisted" survival ways. Only the strongest had the right to live.

A world where being an "Omega" is a punishable sin because omegas are weak , useless and only good for breeding which betas are good at too so they still fall under the degrading label "useless" .
Since then omegas had two choices only : Being killed once presented or being sold to brothels and in the black market but of course not without ending their fertility first .

To top all that , presenting for those whom are doubted to be omegas is forced by medications. The faster they git rid of the "useless" wolf , the better for the whole pack.
Parents didn't dare to develop an attachment or any kind of emotional bonds with their children until they presented.
A few revolted against the whole "omega cleaning" process , they were thrown away from the pack and slaughtered as well.


"Here he is." The old woman said while handing the beta mother her newborn , despite being exhausted from giving birth she reached for her baby with teary eyes , caressing his cheeks and tapping his small pouty lips, already giving him nicknames.
However the father whom was an alpha had a blank expression on his face , his arms were crossed above his chest.

"Let's hope he's not an Omega." The old woman spat the name omega as if it was the most disgusting thing before wiping her hands and leaving.
"Seokjun honey , look at your small brother." The mother called her other five year old son whom was standing in the corner .

"What's wrong dear?" She asked now looking at the father whom didn't move from his spot.
"You already love him so much...please don't. We still don't know-"
"Sojin , what if he turned out to be an omega , do you realize what kind of pain you'll go through when it's the moment of judgment ?"
"Aren't you in pain right now?"
"I am."
"So am I dear. But those are our children. Let us love them while they're still with us. Now come ."

Sojin said bitting back a sob and forcing a smile while the alpha sat next to her and held the baby.
"What are we going to name him?" The father asked gently rocking the child back and forth .
His hands were carefully placed behind the newborn's back , his nose smelling him . Something alphas do whenever their family had a new member. Like a welcoming.
"Seokjin. His name will be Seokjin."
The baby let out a faint chuckle when he heard his name which startled both his parents for a second while his older brother was chuckling.
"Eomma! Seokjinnie likes his name!"
"He does?"
"Well...thank god then honey."

End of prologue.

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