Chapter 1- Thirteen

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(Y/N)'s POV

"(Y/N), get packed! We're going on a plane to New Jersey for your aunt's wedding at 4!" My mother informed, opening my bedroom door.

My eyes widened. "Wait, that's today?!"

"It's the thirteenth! The date I've been telling you that we're leaving! You've been too busy reading your fan-fiction that you never pay attention!" my mother scolded. "My goodness where did you even find out about that?!"

"I came across a random website and clicked on one of the stories," I answered, laughing at my mother's disappointed face.

She sighed. "Just get packed! We're going to be late! We still have to pick up your grandparents and cousins on the way!"

I shivered from the thought of picking up my grandparents. They lived near some eerie old woods that you'd have to get past in order to get to their house. I remembered during my childhood that whenever we visited, I'd go into the woods and explore for fun only to end up hearing creepy whispers. Everywhere I went in those woods made me feel like I was being watched by hundreds of eyes and yet I never understood why no one else experienced the same things I did.

But I was a kid during those times.

A kid.

It must've all been my imagination..

It still creeped me out though.

"Alright, I'll be in the car in ten minutes!" I took my mind off of the woods I disliked. Instead, I began to change and pack my belongings and necessities.

After some time had passed, I hopped down the stairs with my bags to only encounter my father. He looked at me and tapped his watch. "I heard you said that you'd be down in 10 minutes.. it's been 13."

I puffed my cheeks and pushed past him towards the open front door that lead to the car. "Well that's not a very huge difference is it?"

He chuckled. "You shouldn't say something you won't stick too though. It'll become a bad habit."

"Saying I'll be down in 10 minutes, but not actually doing it won't make it a bad habit," I sighed as I marched out the door towards the car parked in the driveway with my father.

"Whatever you say (Y/N)."

We both made it to the car my mother was placing her and my father's bags in. I walked up to her and gave her my bags to which she only sighed, taking them into her own hands to put in the car herself.

Once my mother finished stacking all the bags on top of each other in the back, she hopped into the already active car my father and I had entered a few minutes prior. "13 bags?! Really?"

"In our defense, 6 of them are yours," my father said, causing my mother to glare at him.

"Besides that, lets go to my parents house first!" My mother cheered, mood changing quickly. She really liked to visit my grandparents, while I completely dreaded it.

I groaned as I pulled my phone out of my back pocket to turn it on. My father was already backing out of the driveway. "Why there first? Can't we get my cousins in the car before heading there? I feel safer that way."

"Your grandparents house is closer than your cousins. So what logic is that to go to your cousins and then back to your grandparents?" She said, in a 'use your head' tone.

"I don't keep track of the time it takes to go to grandmother and grandfather's house because of those creepy woods," I mumbled, opening a fan-fiction website to read in the car.

"Well you should, it could come in handy someday," She lectured a little as I clicked on a story titled "Slenderman".

"Yeah yeah.." I muttered, not really wanting to talk anymore. Instead, I began to read in order to block the whole world out.


The Slenderman story was actually pretty good. A tall faceless man in a suit who abducted children in the woods? The idea was interesting.

I sighed since I had to search for something new to read. I scrolled through the fan-fiction website until I noticed that my phone was at 13 percent.

"Wait! 13 percent?!" I shrieked, catching the attention of my parents. They soon realized I was talking about my phone and turned away.

Looked like there really wasn't anything to do anymore.

Out of boredom, I gazed out the window to check if we were near my grandparents house. Instead of a clear viewing of buildings, I immediately saw the creepy woods which meant that..

We were pretty close.

I sighed as I watched tree by tree pass by. The sight got me thinking about the Slenderman story. It looked like the perfect place for someone like the Slenderman to live, so I began to think about what I'd be like if he actually existed. Would he have been watching people like he did in the stories? Would there have been papers scattered around? Any abductions? Things like that.

I must've been too deep in my thoughts, because I thought I saw a tall person with a suit standing in the forest. I didn't get a good glimpse since we were driving quickly.

I shrugged it off thinking it was just my imagination until I saw it again. That just creeped me out. Was this a prank? Had somebody put up dummies? I was cut out of my thoughts once I saw it several more times, letting me see a bit more clearly that it in fact was a tall man in a suit with no face. I continued to stare out to make extra sure I wasn't going crazy, but it kept appearing again.. and again... multiple times..  until-

"Honey!" My mother cried, causing me to snap my head towards her. I saw her shaking my father who was all frozen with his hands on the wheel. His eyes looked straight at the road, unmoving, kind of like he blanked out.

"Mom what's wrong!?" I asked in panic. She had never shouted like that in a car before.

"I think he's having a seizure!" she yelled as she continued to shake my father, trying to call his attention.

"M-mom the wheel!" I screeched, holding onto my car seat as the car had suddenly began to swerve out of control. My mom panicked and put her hands on the wheel. She was able to control it for a while until she suddenly blanked out as well.

"Mom?!" I yelled, as she suddenly stopped steering the wheel. The car started to go out of control again headed straight towards a tree. My eyed widened and I braced myself for impact as everything went black.

Once the clock turned 3:13.

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