12: The idiots who took the S-Class mission

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♤♤3rd pov♤♤

Running through the woods, the girl silently pray to herself that her hunch is wrong.

She was just on a regular mission with Mystogen, doing their job when she suddenly got the hunch that....

Natsu or Gray are about to do some dumb shit.


"You're kidding, right?" Mystogen asked as he stare at the girl across from him with a deadpan expression, his mask off. He is sitting on the ground, legs cross, and still in his outfit.

A small campfire next to the pair as the fireflies flew and light up the rest of the dark forest. The act alone by the small insects make the forest looks like a fantasy wonderland.

"Sadly, no, I'm just going to-"

"You're going to see if either of them are doing some dumb shit - which they'll most likely be doing." He said. She nodded.

This was always the hard part. She always finishes missions with him, but there will be some times when she got a hunch or a call about either Natsu or Gray causing immense trouble and it's always hard to break it to Mystogen.

He sighed and took a bite out of the blueberry poptarts Y/n bought from the store - since both of them refused to cook.

"I guess I can let you go..." He mumbled, his voice slightly muffled by the tart. Eyes averting to the ground as he went to a sea of thought.

"That's gre-"

"Under one condition." She stopped her mini cheer and stare at the man, motioning him to continue.

He leaned forward slightly, his eyes focused on hers. The light of the fire shined next to her, brightening up her features. The moon shining down on her as if she was a goddess who decided to take a stroll. The fireflies seems to want to help add more to her features by flying near her.

His cheeks flushed a rosy pink, as he stare at her longer and the way her lips were slightly parted as she stare at him with curious h/c eyes.

He looked away and leaned back, almost ashame for even thinking that his little 'ending' could ever happen, especially due to his circumstances.

He placed his hands in his lap as he just let his eyes glue to the forest floor.

"Could I have the rest of your tart?" He asked with an almost hesitant sigh. Y/n nodded, handing him her tart, he took it, still not looking at her.

The girl got up and dust her cloak.  "I'll be heading off now, can't wait any longer." He only nodded. She took off running beyond the trees, the scenery that was once before him dispersing, as if she's taking it with her.

"Pull yourself together.." he mumbled, lightly slapping the side of his head, letting his bangs shield his eyes.


"Maybe the two destroyed a town..." The girl mumbled to herself as she now soar through the night sky, passing through clouds.

She lowered herself a little once she saw the familiar building.

The dragon wings on her back slowing down, acting almost like a parachute as she got herself closer to the ground.

She landed on tye cobblestone ground with a small click of her shoes. She walked to the large doors and placed her hand on it. Taking a deep breath and mentally preparing herself for the shit most likely about to be thrown at her.

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