Chapter 6

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Shaurya's hand remained on the metal knob of the door as she took a deep breath. "I am pregnant", her words stuck him like lightning but he refused to yield before the heartless woman who broke his heart. He tried to comprehend her implication and calmed himself before turning around to face her, "Congratulations, Mehek Sharma". His dispassionate response, shook her. Tears stung her eyes but she managed to utter the truth, "It's yours. I am with your child". He looked at her intently for fraction of a second. Then suddenly he threw his head back and laughed like a mad man. "I am not joking, Shaurya", Mehek was exasperated. "Oh, I am sorry. I wasn't making fun of you", he tried to curb his laughter, "why are you standing, Mehek?", he pulled a chair and forced her to sit on it. Mehek was taken aback my his sudden change of behaviour. "You shouldn't take stress and take really good care of your health", his concern brought a slight smiled on her lips. "After all you are carrying my seed. Your ticket to my treasury" , his wicked words hurt her deeply.

After branding her as a gold digger, he taunted her further, "Are you sure it is mine? You had many men before and after me. I was hardly special". Mehek winced while he used her own words to wound her. Still she gathered herself and replied confidently, "Yes, I am sure". "Ofcourse, you are. Now that you know I am a billionaire business man and not a penniless musician, I should be the father", he taunted her again. She bit down her agony and stood up from her seat. She went near him, "Shaurya, I am sorry for what happened between us. I deserved to be resented by you", she took his hands into hers. Despite his anger and hatred, her touch relaxed him. "But Our child is innocent", she led his palm onto her stomach, "It's a blessing". Her words moved him for a second yet he chose to remain rigid. "This is our chance for happiness", she told emotionally. He suddenly tore himself away from her, "What do you want, Mehek? Money? Child Support?". "I don't want your money. I need my child's father", she replied angrily. "Tell me you demands in plain words", he ordered her. "Marriage. I need family. A stable environment to bring up my child", she told him. He laughed softly, " Why didn't I guess it? You are too shrewd to settled for few pennies. Being my wife, you will be entitled to half of my wealth". "You have misunderstood me. I don't want your money", she tried to defend herself. "Even if you do, you won't get a dime from me", he threatened her, "Anyways, your settlement will come into picture once I am sure about paternity of the fetus". She was taken aback and hurt by his demand yet she stayed strong.

"What did he say?", Sonal blurted out as soon as they were alone in her car. She had a tough time to contain herself when Mehek returned after meeting Shaurya. As usual Mehek was able to mask her feelings and kept a poker face so Sonal was unable to read her. "Mehek, I asked you something", Sonal got irritated by her silence. "He wants to run paternity test", Mehek told plainly. "What?", Sonal yelled and pulled over to a nearby lane, "I hope you gave him an earful and tight slap on his jerk handsome face". Mehek stayed silent causing Sonal to fume in anger. "I agreed", Mehek responded. Sonal furiously slammed on the steering wheel. Mehek knew her too well to interfere. After few minutes, Mehek spoke timidly, "I understand his point of view. We hardly knew eachother. Any sensible man would have asked for the same if a women turns up at his door, claiming to carry his child". "Mehek, this is not about logic. He is plainly trying to get even. He wants to hurt you for rejecting him", Sonal was furious. "Even then I think it is fair. I was really cruel when we parted", Mehek accepted her mistake. Sonal quit being defensive bcoz she agreed to it. She always blamed Mehek for giving up her chance with Shaurya. Until today she felt bad for the nice guy named Shaurya who was turned down by her foolish friend. From what she heard from Mehek, Shaurya was a kind hearted musician who could have filled Mehek's life with love and happiness. Once she was calm enough to handle the wheel, she restarted the car, "So when is he planning the test?". "ASAP", Mehek told looking dejected.

Shaurya browsed through the options provided my his secretary. It wasn't uncommon in his circle to conduct paternity tests. Often women claimed to be pregnant with wealthy men to trap them and many agencies were available to conduct paternity tests with utmost accuracy, guaranteeing discretion. Deep down, Shaurya knew Mehek wasn't lying about conceiving his child. Yet he asked her to undergo the test bcoz he wanted to challenge and humiliate her.

"The results will be send to you shortly", the doctor told Shaurya. Mehek clad in a simple Red kurta and pale blue jeans, kept mum beside him. He noticed that Mehek was unhappy but not anxious. Another clear sign that she is truthful. Yet to taunt her, he told loudly, "I hope the results will be conclusive". "Ofcourse, Sir", he was reassured. Mehek sighed and stood up to leave. It was past evening and the hospital was not within the city limits. "I will drop you near your workplace", he offered nonchalantly. A bubble of joy emerged in her chest but he soon burst it, "After all I should protect the shell that claims to carry my heir, shouldn't it? Unless I am sure otherwise". He led her to his expensive sedan and pushed her into it. He instructed his driver and got busy in his mobile. Mehek wanted to communicate with him but refrained being afraid that he might get annoyed. Perhaps when he receive paternity tests he may change, she hoped. "When did you know?", he asked abruptly. She looked perplexed so asked again, "When did you know about your pregnancy?". She was about to explain but he gave attention to his phone again, "I guess the fetus got lucky. If you haven't met me that day, I bet you would have terminated it". "I would never", she spat at him, "And stop referring to our child as fetus". She was so angry that she wanted to escape. She tried to open the door and jump out. Although it was central locked, in reflex Shaurya caught her wrist and pulled her to him. She fell on him and her face was really close to him. She tried to get off him but he wound his arms around her waist causing her to fall closer to him. Her lips accidently brushed him and she turned crimson with embarrassment. Before she could make sense of it, he flipped her, bringing her completely under his mercy. He quickly slammed his lips on to her. Mehek tried to push him away but he locked her wrists in his hand and pinned it above her head.

He deepened the kiss, making her moan into his mouth. As Mehek started to enjoy their proximity and ceased to protest, he freed her hands. He pressed a button to bring up partition to cover them from driver. His driver smirked;  he knew it was expected from him to take longer routes so that his master can indulge himself. Shaurya peppered her jaw with kisses and sucked sweet spot on her nape. He tugged on her sleeve to bare her soft skin on shoulder. His hands roamed under her kurta but she stiffened when he touched her stomach. She tried to wiggled herself but he told menacingly, "You are arousing me further, Baby". "Please stop. It may harm our baby", her words woke him from his lustful slumber. "An Opportunist yet always the Practical Mehek", he taunted her and moved away. Mehek felt ashamed and her eyes brimmed with tears. She adjusted her attire to realise that buttons were broken from her kurta and it had slightly torn from one shoulder. 

"Stop the car", he barked at the driver. When the vehicle stopped, he ordered her, "Get out". It was still a bit far from her bakery and she knew it would been embarrassing to walk till there. "Shaurya please drop me nearer", she plead. "I said GET OUT", he raised his voice. Mehek clutched her kurta at front and tried to cover her bare shoulder with her hair. She was happy that it was dark so less people inhabited the street still it scared her too. She stood there silent considering whether to call Sonal to pick her or walk briskly to her location. Either ways she had to spend more time in public, exposing her disheveled status. She trembled at the thought and was startled when comforting warmth cocooned her. She looked behind to find Shaurya placing his blazer around her. He wrapped her properly. Before she could utter words of gratitude, he climbed onto his vehicle and drove away. Mehek sniveled and touched her belly, "Don't worry, Angel. Your Dada, cares for us. He is just a bit angry due to Ma. But I promise I will set it fine"

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