What's Your Problem!?

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His gaze made you feel week and cold. You quickly handed your papers to the teacher and sat as far away from that man as possible.

The bell rang, but he still stared at yoy, like a wolf to it's prey.

"Settle down, we have a new student her name is Y/N. Maybe with a new student y'all will act less dumb." The teacher started.

I looked down immediately and grabbed out a dark blue mechanical pencil, and a red notebook I had labeled 'trigonometry'.

"We're going to restart the video from yesterday since we have a couple students back that were missing yesterday," the teacher gained a couple frustrated sighs from the class, but she played the video anyway.
It was one of those hour long khan academy videos on something you had already learned.

The strange man hadn't turned his face away from me. You didnt dare turn my face towards his though. You were a little afraid...., no you weren't afraid, you were nervous. It was like he was judging you harshly. Finally class was over and he walked out of the classroom. You walked up to him and said

"What's your problem?

"You smell like a dog," he said pushing past you and quickening his pace after entering the hall.

"You okay?" Tate asked, suprising you.

"Huh, uh yeah...um do I...nevermind"

"No what's wrong?" Tate said grabbing you arm in a caring way.

"Do I smell like a dog to you...?" You said looking down the hall trying to spot him.

"Who told you that??" He said getting slowly closer to you.

"Um....one of my classmates."

"Do you wanna skip class today?"

You were a little startled fron the sudden randomness but not fully interested on turning down the idea.

"Are you sure that's a good idea, I mean I still wanna get used to my schedule,"

"That's fine,but...i'll be waiting outside in the courtyard for like 10 minutes incase you change your mind." He said smiling brightly  then walking away.

You walked slowly into the classroom until you realised, HE was there.

"There's no way he could've gotten here before me." You thought to yourself.   He went the completele opposite direction. Oh well.

I handed a paper to the teacher and sat down. The bell rang and he introduced me. He went right to sleep after telling us to read chapter 11 in our science books.

The rude, beautiful eyed boy, still stared at you, but this time he seemed kinder. We were sitting right next to each other.

"Hello," he said in a whisper.

"I have no interest in talking to you," you said coming off a bit rude.

"Listen... I apologize for what I said last hour, I was just nervous," he sounded much more polite now.

"I accept your apology, but...like I said. I'm not interested in talking to you." You repeated opening your book and plugging your ear buds in.

You were listening to 'Animal by Neon Trees' before one of your ear buds was gently pulled out.

"I like that song," he said smiling brightly.

"Can you hear my music?"

"No, I just looked at your phone." His smile is so cute its like a box *Wait no stupid brain he is incompetent and rude*

"Oh..." I said grabbing my ear bud back slightly touching his finger. He really does have pretty eyes*omg Shut up you stupid brain*

He smirked.

You turned to face him.


"Your thoug- or I mean- i- i uh. Your hands are soft." He smiled awkwardly. It was kinda cute.

"I mean like- i didn't mean the in a weird way!"

"Oh...um.. thanks I guess."

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