Kiss Your Well-Devised Plan Goodbye

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"Gots any sixes, mama?"

"Go fish."

A sheet of white tucked Jump City in for its long winter's nap, and everything was as normal as things should be, with the weather being too cold for crime right now. Outside, younger kids were playing in the snow and older kids were sledding on hills. Grown-ups were caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, as it was just five days before Christmas. Some battled for parking spaces and others almost spilled their hot chocolate over browsing the store shelves for presents. Inside the home of the Teen Titans, three of them were at the table playing Go Fish with the heater on at almost full blast. The air was warm and smelled of a hot shower, only without the moisture. Raven was about to win the game when she, Cyborg and Beast Boy heard their friend and leader, Robin, ask something to Starfire.

"Star, do you know where my favorite pair of boots are? They're on my packing list," he asked her.

"How should I know which of the pairs is your favorite? You have never told me," she replied.

The three others looked in Star's room and didn't know why she and Robin were hovering over their suitcases. They didn't remember hearing anything about a vacation announcement of some sort.

"What do you think you're doing? Raven asked. "And why are our suitcases over there?"

Purple, green and white-and-blue luggages that belonged to them sat near the corner of the room, but they weren't packed by their owners. A small bit of their winter gear poked out from the not-fully-closed zipper, but it was closed enough to keep everything in the bag inside. One of them looked like it was about to fall over.

"Didn't I tell you we were going on a train trip for two weeks?" Robin reminded them. "All the kids are officially on their winter break, and the train leaves tomorrow morning! We have to pack and go camp out in the train station parking lot, starting right now!"

"No, you didn't! We heard nothing about going on a train trip!" Cyborg said.

"Friend Robin did tell us," said Starfire. "You just weren't paying the attention to his speech and were too focused on riding the fancy car to the North Pole."

"Yeah! We was gonna go and writes our names on the nice list so Santa don't have to watch us!" Beast Boy added. "That way, we can gets all our presents even if we don't be nice!"

"Okay. One, that's not how it works," Robin told them. "Two, it seems like the only vehicles you're worried about these days are the newest sports cars! That isn't the only mode of transportation!"

"Hey, all we want to do is just ride in style," Raven said, trying to calm him down. "What's wrong with that?"

"You've forgotten about buses, planes and boats! Once this vacation is over, you're not even going to want to ride in style anymore!" Robin shouted. "Now, chop chop! We are not going to miss that train!"

He grabbed their suitcases and some supply lists and tossed them at their owners, and once in a while he came to check and see if they were packing every single item on the list. Once they all claimed they were done, there was a luggage inspection, and what made Robin mad was the fact that Beast Boy didn't pack most of the supplies. They then had to wait twenty more minutes for him to grab what he didn't yet. When he was finally done, Robin and Star looked excited while the rest of the Titans looked unexcited and not okay with the fact that they were about to sleep shivering in the snow, outside the train station. Once he commanded "Titans, go! To the station!" the three groaned and each knew that this was going to be the worst winter vacation ever spent.

They shivered in sleeping bags and slept around a round clock with a bell on it, which was set to the exact time they had to wake up and board the train, which was going to take them to fun excursions they didn't even care about. Everyone except Starfire and Robin complained about the car models they were going to miss out on and their plans to manipulate the nice list. They were sad about it because it was so well- devised that it even had a way to get past the part where Santa checked the list twice. Star was the only person besides the young leader who was actually excited about the trip.

It took a long time for the Titans to fall asleep through all the blistering cold. They were all lucky that none of them had caught a cold because of all of the fun stuff they would do on the trip. Unfortunately, it wasn't going to go all that well because of what they didn't know.

On the other side of town in the H.I.V.E. Five's purple H-shaped tower, Jinx woke at around 5 AM to hear the sound of her phone ringing. She tiredly turned over and picked it up, and it said the person calling her was her friend Gizmo. Her body was sleepy and relaxed, and she could still hear the noise from her phone singing her ringtone. Though she was annoyed by Gizmo waking her up so early, she went ahead and answered the call.

"Seriously, Gizmo? This early?" she spoke to him.

"Sorry! I'm just WAY too excited about tomorrow," he said happily.

"Well, go back to bed before you wake up the other guys!"

"Too late. I can hear See-More getting in the bath. He might take two or maybe even fall asleep in there."

"Well, okay, if you say so..."

Jinx rolled out of bed and hobbled her way to the bathroom, dragging her dress on the floor. On the way there she passed Mammoth, who was overfeeding himself with cereal, and she heard a cracking noise from her stepping on a plastic spoon, stained with prehistoric ice cream, that nobody had bothered to pick up. In another bathroom there were sounds of bathtub water running paired with See-More humming Christmas carols. She also heard Billy starting up a video game to play with his Numerous clones to kill some time before they left. At this point, everyone thought of all fun and games and nothing going wrong, but what people don't know is how rare of an outcome that is. 

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