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"They're two miles in. Are you ready?"

Dimitri was standing in the doorway as he watched his mate sent of her last email to the alphas around the country. As Royals, the work will never end. Even though the threat was resolved and few packs were involved, other packs should be aware of what goes on outside their pack. A description of the woman who was at Shia's side was given by the kids. A sketch was made and her image was sent out also. They simply wanted her for questioning. Dimitri was still searching for the witch who was forced to contact him and work for Shia. Faint traces of her aura have been picked up but it seems that she's pretty good at hiding.

No one couldn't blame her after everything she went through. Staying under the radar is probably the best thing to do.

"I'm ready," she answered rising from her seat.

A smile formed on his lips as she approached him. Dressed in jeans and a red blouse along with a pair of tan boots, his Lena was stunning. She took his hand and allowed him to escort her downstairs and onto the porch. She was extremely nervous. Her father texted her the result of Helen now knowing their secret and she wasn't disappointed in her reaction. What she was waiting on, is Helen's reaction to seeing her daughter in the state she was currently.

Elena took a seat in a porch chair while Dimitri stood by her side. A few minutes after, she felt the familiar tug when her father was near. The massive impact of how much she missed and needed him over the past few days instantly struck her. Rushing from the porch, she came to a stop at the curb just as the convoy came driving up.

Elias couldn't wait for the vehicle to come to a stop. He recklessly jumped out of the moving vehicle just in time to see his little girl running his way. Closing the distance, he caught her in his arms, taking in her scent. Rage whined then began to bark excitedly. Elias pulled back and held her at arm's length. Taking another whiff of her scent, he got the trace of a new one mixed into her.

"Yes?" he asked excitedly.

"Dante says it's a boy and I saw him also. You're going to be a grandpa," she confirmed. Elias pulled her into his arms once more and silently gave thanks to the goddess. His angel was all grown up now.

The overpowering presence of the king had him looking over Elena's shoulder. Dimitri came strolling towards them with a smile on his face.

"I guess congratulations are in order," Elias said bringing him in for a hug.

Dimitri chuckled lightly and accepted the fatherly hug from his father in law.

"Sorry to cut this reunion short but where is my daughter?"

The sound of Helen's angry shout made them feel guilty of their sentimental moment. Elena turned to the woman who she despised for years. It wasn't fair that she had to lose her daughter because of a mad man's plot. She deserved to hold her daughter just like her father did.

"She's currently in confinement. Would you like to rest a bit after the long drive?" Elena said approaching her. Helen stepped back in fright, eyeing everyone around her. After Elias' reveal, she has been uneasy ever since. Her mind was trying to play catch up. She didn't ask any questions, she stayed quiet the entire trip and eyed them all. It amazed her that they all were werewolves like in the movies she had seen. Nothing gave it away. They were simply humans.

"Helen. It's still me. Behind me is my fiancé Dimitri Mikael Romano," Elena said hoping to calm her.

"I don't care who your finacé is, just take me to my daughter," she stated. She held her handbag close to her body, mindful of being close to the guards around them. Elena eyed her mate and father, they gave her a nod of agreement then gestured for her to take the lead.

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