Chapter 18

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Luke's POV

I jump seeing then and they just look at me " oh you must be my brothers fuck toy." 

I'm not sure what to do, should I say I'm not or say I'm but am I really just his fuck toy Is that what he's been telling people that I'm just his fuck toy? before I can say anything " that's none of your business, Luke get upstairs" he says in his I'm not fucking around voice so I do what I'm told I head upstairs I hear them talking as I go upstairs. He's going to kill him he always said that if they found out that he's going to be pissed so I'm fucked but I always knew this day would come but never knew this soon. I'm on his bed again when I hear him get close to the bed room door, he walks in with this look I don't know. I'm scared he is sanding in the middle of the bed room staring at me " why did you go down stairs?" he said in his mad voice " huh!" he yelled as he want to grab my hair and yank me down to the grown " I thought it was you Oliver I'm so sorry please" I said as a teardrop goes down my face " oh poor Luke crying over someone pushed you aww what a little girl you are" he said laughing at that moment I came to the Relizon that he's not mad at me he's mad at him self " little fuck can't do anything right why do you always fuck up?" before I can say anything he hits me right in the say. I can feel blood going down my face " listen I'm sorry I didn't mean to" I say as I'm holding my noes " I wanted to be the straight one I didn't want anyone know that I love a fucking dude" he yells as he starts kicking me, I know what I have to do I reach out and grab his leg. " I'm sorry people made you feel bad about who you love I'm sorry you love me I know how you feel but you need to stop hurting me every time someone else makes you mad" I say as I holding his leg harder he starts smacking me but I don't stop holding on " let go you little shit" he yells but I don't listen. He slowly stops hitting me to the point he stops all together but I keep holding on, he drops to his knees when he dose that I start hugging him he hugs me back, " I'm so sorry baby I didn't know what came over me" he says as he's crying " it's ok it's not your felt" we sat there for a little bit more until he gets up and helps me up and walks over to the bed we held on to each other and fell asleep.

It's been about five days since his brothers found out about me, I guess they are gay and that Oliver wanted to not have the feelings that he did but we all know how that turd out. But the day after he hit and kicked me I want to school I thought Jackson was going to have a heart attack, I had a big black eye he looked like he wanted to kill someone but I got him to calm down, he doesn't want me to be alone with him anymore he thinks I should brake up with him, I know all he wants the best for me and all, but I still love Oliver and I want the best for him I think I got a brake though he hasn't fought with me and we have been going out and everything I'm starting to get the feelings I used to get when I first time we started dating.

It's Friday finally, I was about to get some breakfast when I hear my front door I look over and see it's my brothers. We're totally opposite, there's one just like Oliver his name is Noah with a lot of tattoos but he's nice well to me at lest, then there's Jacob he plays football he gets anyone he wants let's say if he wasn't my brother he would have probably bulled me. I can hear then arguing they been doing that since I would remember they walk into the kitchen, I look back at them as they walk in and they stop in there place " what the fuck happen to your face!" Noah says rushing over to me " dude the fuck" Jacob says, fuck I must have forgotten to cover it up because my mom is on a work trip she won't be back for another two weeks. Noah won't stop rubbing it " hey guys, Noah stop" I said as I grab his hand and laughing " I bumped in to a wall I'm ok" I said with a smile they look at me then each other " we don't believe you but we're not going to push you to tell us" Jacob said as he hugged me

They finally stopped looking at me then they get some food I mean a lot of food, the next thing I know someone else walks in to the room is was Jackson " dude I thought Oliver killed you" he said but just stopped in his place, " who's Oliver and who are you?" Noah said " oh sorry I didn't know Luke had anyone here but I'm Jackson Luke's best friend" Jackson said walking over to him shacking his hand " good I'm Noah and this is my ugly twin is Jacob" he said as Jacob kicked him under the table " I'm happy to talk to one of his friends, now how did he get his black eye?" he asked grate I'm fucked " well he bumped in to a wall that's what he wants me to tell you but I'm going to let him tell y'all the truth, Luke I will be in the car nice to meet you guys" he said walking out the room. Oh fuck you shit I look behind me and see my brothers looking at me like they want to kill me " get to school we will see after" they said I just walk out of the room well I'm fucked.

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