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"you're going to UA."

the stern unwavering voice of her mother echoed in her mind.

[name] grumbled. her frustration visible on her tense face, mixed with irritation and slight anguish. she never wanted to be a hero. so why?

why was she cursed with a powerful quirk pressuring her parents to force her to be a hero?

before, they had come to a just agreement.

[name] studies in her dream school as an academic scholar. takes her desired course for college then, after finishing her previous commitment to her main academic track, takes a hero course in college. she then works as a pro hero and her desired job simultaneously, continuing the [last name] family line of heroes and complying with her personal desires.

the catch: she had to excel at her chosen path.

it was the perfect plan. she would not only be fulfilling her dreams but also her mother's expectations for her. the condition her mother had provided, excellence, was of no hurdle to her. her passion alone drove her to strive for it, so she believed everything would go exactly as she had her life planned out.

unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

after hearing news of all might teaching in UA, her mother completely backed out in their previous agreement. she now demands that [name] study in her and her husband's alma mater, which she originally wanted of course. but when [name]'s mother heard that all might would be teaching, it changed everything. she decided that the prestigious academic distinction of [name]'s dream school was now no match to the hero education she would receive from all might in UA.

just name-dropping all might in a résumé would up your chances of being recognized to be superior by a lot. and [name]'s mother thought that this was far superior to whatever they had agreed on originally.

this wrecked [name]'s life plan entirely. she can't attend ua then her dream school. you can't go to high school twice unless you're a dumb fuck. (at least that's how she thought of it.) not pursuing an advanced stem curicculum in her high school would ultimately hold her back in her desired college course, which meant she couldn't possibly have multiple jobs: hero and her dream job. she would be forced to work only as a hero.

she begged her mother not to make her attend UA. hell, she'd even take shiketsu. shiketsu had an advancement system where if a student excels in their current course, their high school stay could be shortened from three years to up to one year. if she went to shiketsu, she could study hard enough to shorten her stay to one year then come return to her original life plan.

but her mother wouldn't yield. she was after all might's name, famous worldwide and the astonishing boost it would give her in the hero career if she were to study under him.

pulling some strings and calling her own connections, [name]'s mother very easily got her daughter a spot in the newest batch of UA students through recommendations.

so here she is now, being shipped off to japan from america.

"i really am going to UA huh," her realization comes to mind.

"well i'm gonna do it, but i'm not gonna like it."



[last name] [first name] - semi-pro hero, half

age: 15

height: 157.5 cm / 5'2"

quirk: manipulation

the ability to control non-living objects to her will upon contact to the atomic level. she can only control up to two substances at once and excessive use can lead to nausea and fainting. the more she knows about a certain substance, the better or easier she can control it.

iq: 174

power– 4/5
speed– 4/5
technique– 5/5
intelligence– 5/5
cooperativeness– 2/5
stamina– 3/5

mother - pro hero, business management, japanese
father - pro hero, business management, american
brother - pro hero, half


tl;dr : [name] plans to pursue her dream job and comply with her mother's wants for her to be a pro hero in a well-planned compromise. news of all might teaching in ua changes her mother's mind and she is now being forced to attend ua.

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