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THERE WAS A NEW GIRL AT THE LOCAL GYM. He thought she must have been new to the city, because he knew everyone that came to this gym. Well, he didn't know them. They were just there, paperweights to hold this part of his life firm. Nothing about the little gym ever changed, not its owners nor its members.

Until the girl arrived.

She would walk in at exactly six o' clock in the morning, dirty blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail and a backpack slung over her shoulder, drenched in sweat and nodding to the beat of whatever music blasted from her headphones. He assumed that she jogged all the way to the building, which meant that she did not live nearby. She kept to herself, working in the far corner, away from everyone else. He snuck glances at her, observing this new paperweight.

Her method of working out was odd. She only ever used a punching bag, hammering at it relentlessly with her fists, elbows, and feet. She never lifted weights, or ran the treadmill, or even practiced basic exercises. She just stretched and attacked the bag like it was her mortal enemy, taking short breaks in between.

What made it even more odd was the fact that her appendages and torso were always encased in some weird blue thing whenever she worked out. It was most likely her Quirk, he decided after the first week, watching her as he drank from his bottle of water. It strengthened her, in some strange way, as indicated by her visible physical improvement. All she ever did was pound on a punching bag, yet he could tell she was growing stronger. Although, he noticed that her knuckles bled a little at the end of each day, when she would pack up and leave at exactly seven o' clock in the evening, which was odd because from what he observed, the blue thing on her fists took all the blows.

The first week of January passed. He had to return to school, meaning he couldn't train for as long. He still went to the gym after the school day ended, and she was always there, training in her corner. After a while he concluded that she was home-schooled, as he never saw her at the junior high, and she would pull textbooks and papers out of her backpack whenever she took a break.

There was one evening, during the last week of January, when he left the gym early because his mother screamed at him through the phone to get your sorry butt back here right now and he was honestly just too tired to argue like he normally did. He grabbed his duffel bag and stood up, closing his eyes for a moment and stretching, when someone bumped into him.

His eyes snapped open, and he stared at the girl as she walked past.

"Watch where you're going," he growled, narrowing his eyes. She turned and stared back at him, dark green eyes full of exhaustion and what looked like annoyance. The eye contact stretched out much longer that necessary, but there was no way he'd lose to her. She raised an eyebrow, amusement flitting across her features before returning to a blank, cold expression. Without saying a word, she faced forward and walked out of the gym.

The way she brushed him off, acted as if he was insignificant and did not deserve an apology, how she seemed annoyed by his very presence made his blood boil. No one treated him like this, and he wasn't about to let some random nobody start to.

He swore to himself that the next time he saw her, he would show her exactly who she decided to mess with.

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