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The thing that made Mike and Ryan have their hearts dropped was a snail. A SNAIL. Well, of course it wasn't just a snail, since the boys loved regular snails. This snail was wearing black smoking and a matching cylinder.

-I... Didn't know snails can... Dress up.-

Mike mumbled. Chara chuckled and rubbed his hair strongly, leaving him numb for a minute.

-You still have a lot to be surprised of.-

She noticed. Mike nodded, but got even more surprised when a cup-shaped ghost flew up to the snail and picked it up.

-Oh... I left the gate open...-

They lowed. Chara's eyes rounded and she left the boys' side.

-Napstablook! How are you doing?!-

She said joyfully. Napstablook raised their eyes from the snail at the Princess, and a happy glimpse appeared in their eyes.

-Oh, hello, Chara... Yeah, it's been a while... I am doing good, I guess... I left the gate open...-

-Ow. Well, you found the snail!-

Chara grinned.


-Oh, by the way...!-

Chara turned to Mike and Ryan who were studying the grass around. Chara spotted some bugs hopping around it that they were easily fascinated by. Well, when the bugs are the only normal thing around, they definitely catch attention.

-Guys! Come here!-

She called. Mike and Ryan yanked their heads and slowly walked up to Chara.

-Napstablook, I think you remember Ryan!-

Chara said, putting a hand on Ryan's shoulder. He smiled awkwardly.

-Oh, of course... I am sorry, I didn't do good work saving you back then... I think I'll go now...-

Napstablook began fading. Chara was ready to stop them, but Ryan reacted first: he jumped in front of them and with his best cheering face began signing them to stay with pantomime. The ghost went back to normal with a fake smile, but Ryan didn't notice it anyway.

-I have your toy knife in my house... I forgot to return it... Sorry...-

Again, Ryan cheered the ghost with a sign of 'ok'.

-Do you like snails? I can show you a snail race...-

Not even ten minutes passed when Ryan was betting everything his pockets stored in snail races: scrunches, 1G coins, candy wraps, living bugs, small living snails, dry flowers and small stones. Neither Chara or Mike possessed an idea of when and where did he get all those, and why wasn't Napstablook surprised, but they were too busy discussing a case rather than finding those out.
Chara was jumping left and right in front of the badly blushing Mike and screeching, and the reason was obvious.

-Are you going to tell him? Can you do it today? It's going to be so cute!-

Of course, every twelve-year-old has a shipper sitting in them, like in most of people of different ages, but Chara's inner shipper was currently screaming. Mike didn't like this shipper. Not at all. He sat down to the ground and was looking up at her until she exhausted herself and dropped down to the ground too.

-So? Since when?-

She suddenly asked. Mike didn't understand the question at first, and taking a good minute to think didn't help him.

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