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i was casually drinking my cup of water while we were all sitting in the outside of david's house near the fireplace. david filmed some parts of zane walking with his socks on the fire and then everyone calmed down. i was talking to corinna and kristen about some random stuff when the subject liza came up. "can i ask you guys something?"

"yeah sure" kristen nodded looking over at me.

"does liza hates me?" i asked and corinna laughed.

"of course not!" she answered. "she doesn't hate anybody"

"it's just... she looked at me with a weird face when i said i kissed david years ago" i explained.

"she is just in a bad place right now, but she's getting better, there's nothing to do with you" kristen patted my shoulder. "and he's her ex, you can understand"

i nodded in response and changed the subject but not paying much attention. i don't understand that much, i never dated anyone, it was just casual things, no one never asked to date me for real. i could only imagine how she felt, but there's no reason to hate me for something that happened five years ago.

i glanced over at david, who was making a video of todd in his instagram, and smiled softly. he was such a good person, i really need to try to not be embarrassed around him and try to be his friend. he really doesn't give a shit about what happened when i was a sophomore. i should do that too.

i got up and sat down next to him on the empty spot. he looked over at me and smiled. "hey lia"

"hey dave" i leaned against my seat. "what's up?"

"nothing much, todd was talking about charlie just now" he laughed and i joined him "he was saying that she's very hot" todd slapped david on the shoulder.

"i wasn't!" he tried to defend himself.

"yeah right" i smirked. "she's hot, everyone knows that"

"is she seeing someone?" todd hesitated

"i don't think so" i said truthfully. charlie was hanging out a lot with timmy so i don't know. "you can try"

"she's too much for you" david shook his head.

"shut up, they would make a cute couple" i defended. i unlocked my phone and texted her.

phe😋: can i give your number
to todd?

charlie✨: yEs
why are you asking that?
i know that you're at david's
because i saw you in zane's instagram
so i'm assuming he asked about me
am i right?

phe😋: kinda
he told david you're hot and i
said you two would make a cute couple
so i'm giving your number
let's make this ship sail

charlie✨: oh baby i love you so much
and i'm sorry for what i said about david

"what she said about me?" david asked, seeing what i was texting charlie. i blushed.

"she was saying that i act really embarrassed around you because of what happened" i locked my phone after showing charlie's number to todd.

"yeah, she's right" he laughed. "i mean, you don't have to, we can still be friends even after what happened. we're adults now, phe"

"you're right, it's just... i don't want things to be weird, but i can't help it" i sighed.

"just relax and let things go, don't think so much about the past" he patted my hands that were resting on my lap.

after that, i spent the whole night catching up with david about everything. he told me some stories about him and his friends back home and some about when he moved to la. then, everyone joined in, talking about their personal story. i was finally blending in.


opheliar: looking cute, thanks matt

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opheliar: looking cute, thanks matt

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username: can i be her

username: still can't believe she kissed david like bITCH

username: i'm really annoyed with her in everyone's vlogs

mattrking: no problem queen

username: timothée has left the chat

zane: pretty as always

username: why would she say that she made out with david on zane's vlog like bitch he has a girlfriend
username: yesss

charliemoore: can we please date
opheliar: **** will get jealous
tchalamet: LOL

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