darling just hold on

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Titre extrait de Just Hold On de Louis Tomlinson.

She sits down on the roof of her building. Her legs are in the gap. She moves her head on the rythm of drumps. She shakes her legs. She closes her eyes. She bites her lower lip, trying doesn't cry. Despite all, the tears arrive and, with her handle, she dries its.

He goes to upstairs and pushes the door. Slowly, he comes to sit down next to her. She blenches, her heart beats stronger in her chest. She is surprised and, quickly, she finishes to erase her last tears.

' Why do you cry love?'

His voice is rudely and sweet in her ears. She shivers. He has this effect on her, on her body, on her heart. He slides his hand towards her, before he takes her hand. He interlaces their fingers. He smiles.

She raises her face towards his. Their eyes meet. New thrill. She tries to smile too. He has blue eye, very blue like an ocean. She drowns in its. Always. One of his lock of hair falls in front of eyes. With lightness, she removes it. She let her hand, her fingers, against his skin. Heart beats stronger.

'For nothing, it doesn't matter.'

'Babe, don't lie me. Please Letty, tell me.'

He shakes her finger. A tear is born in the Laëtitia's eye. It flows against her cheek. Before, it arrives on her lips, he dries. Next, he puts his hand in her neck and approaches her body of his. She is like a doll between his arms. She let him. He wraps his arms around her body and, he plunges his face in her neck. Slowly, he kisses her skin.

'Please Letty, tell me. I hate to see you like that. I'm so powerless in front of your sadness, and I hate that. Just, tell me love.'

'I missed you Louis, I really missed you. I hate when you're apart.'

'But, I'm here, okay ? And I'll stay with you. Do you know love ? Maybe, just in your heart, but I'm still with you, forever.'

'Don't let me.'

'I'm here. The boys and I decided to have a little break, so I'll not let you. Promise.'

'I love you Louis.'

'I love you too Letty, so much.'

And, like a butterfly, he puts his lips against her. They close their eyes. And, in their kiss, all their love circulate. Because Louis loves Letty more of all and she loves him like a first love. Together, they stand up in front of the life and they show their love.

The love can save lifes. And the Louis's love save her. And the Letty's love save him.


Alors que dire, je voulais juste faire un petit OS pour quelqu'un que j'aime beaucoup beaucoup, que j'aime plus qu'il y a d'étoiles dans l'univers. Ma Letty, ce petit OS est pour toi. J'espère qu'il t'a plu.

Passez voir son profil, elle fait des citations.


Ensuite, je voulais juste écrire en anglais, une sorte de challenge personnel. Désolée pour toutes les erreurs qu'il doit y avoir.

Merci d'avoir lu, merci de lire ♡

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