Baby Cakes

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Im Jennifer Horan, yes the daughter of Niall Horan, One Direction band mate. Life as It goes here, I meet like the One Direction kids like every day.

I wake up to here my sister running a muck, “Ava stop will ya” I yell at the top of my lungs, Ava stopped I think, Dad came into the room, “Jenni, were going to the zoo with the gang” says dad, I groan, “I see them everyday” i say, Dad shrugs and throws me some clothes, “Put those on” says dad as he walks away.

Of corse I put them on, I hate being a Directions Daughter even though  I get to see Thomas Tomlinson everyday, Oh I have a huge crush on him, He has his fathers features, I get my fathers too, a little of my mums but mostly my dad, I dyed my hair like him and added a hint of blue some where, Thomas has a younger sister, Emily, Emily has Eleanors features, but I also get to see Katie, Zayns daughter, we are like besties, she has a younger brother, Oliver and a younger sister, Laila. 

Katie got her fathers features, she has a crush on Andrew Styles, Harry Styles boy, he didnt get his fathers only his mothers. Liam, he got his only child Matt, Matt has a crush on me, I hate him, He is just like his father.

I wish I can do what I want some times, being a normal girl not a Directions Daughter. I guess I have to go to the zoo then after to Tudor then Guitar then an hour break then to singing lessons. My life is full but its only Sunday, School tomorrow Yay!, Im so happy not. I go to a School that has all the rich kids,  At least Katie goes, I’m also friends with Katy Perry’s child Rebecca, Demi Lovato’s Daughter, Gracie and Selena Beiber and Justin Beiber’s kids, Twins yes, Maria and Alex. At least The other Direction kids go to the school.

Well my life is okay!

Actress of Jennifer Horan is Aly Michalka

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