shot 9

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Kiara with pouted face- maa we want to go..

Pragya- no means no..

Sunny- mumma plz..

Pragya- kishmish, kuchi I said no means no..

Kiara dialed Abhi's number, Abhi look Pragya's I'd as a caller, he pick the call..

Abhi- yes Chashmish..

Kiara with pouted tone- no Chashmish, it's kishmish..

Abhi- what happen, why you sounds so low, Chashmish scold you..

Kiara's voice still pouted- no she refuse us to go..

Abhi- where you wants to go..

Sunny shout- rockstar school picnic..

Abhi listen Sunny's voice & says to Kiara- we sort it out, I'll be there till evening..

Kiara- no evening, come here right now..

Abhi- arrye but my..

Kiara cut him mid- you don't love us naa rockstar..

Abhi- arrye who said you that, I'll just be there, wait for some minutes, ok..

Kiara- come soon bye, call end..

Abhi cancel his work & way towards Pragya's house..

Pragya look Kiara & Sunny's pouted face- it won't gonna be a work today, it's my final decision, you both not allowed to go, if you want call to Maa, aloo or a God, my decision will be not change, got it..

Kiara & Sunny look each other once & look to Pragya, Kiara says- rockstar on the way..

Pragya- ok, you involving rockstar in it na, phir bhi, my decision will not change..

Sunny- let see, who will win, we three & you alone..

Pragya look them- bunnies today you both behaves..

Doorbell ring, kids shout with excitement- rockstar..

Pragya fold her arms near chest & nodded in unbelievable..

Kids open the door, Abhi scoop both kids in his arms, he enter in- aye fuggy, what's your problem haan, why you denies them..

Pragya didn't give any answer to him..

Abhi- why you so silent, say something..

Pragya- my decision is final, they both not going for school picnic..

Abhi to kids- bacchu's don't worry, I'm paying your picnic amount..

Pragya irks tone- why you paying their amount, I have money..

Abhi- then why you saying no, I thought, you have money problem, don't worry, I give you money..

Pragya with irritating tone- aarrgghh! Abhi shut your mouth, I have money, but I can't send them for school picnic..

Abhi & kids with one tone- why..

Pragya- no more questions..

Abhi & kids look each other, Abhi murmur something in kids ear, Pragya give them confuse look..

Abhi complete his murmuring, & start to mischievously smile..

Kiara & Sunny with one tone- mom one last time, we are asking you, are you send us or not..

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