In Love with My Best Friends' Dad...

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AN:So I decided to make a new story because I haven't in a while and I need a break from writing about the same people.It makes me mad when I do so....Anywho...enjoy!


  My name is Cecilia Johnston.I am seventeen years old and this is the first time I ever wrote in a diary or journal.So excuse me if I don't do this right.I have a confession to make that I never told anyone before...

I am in love with my best friends dad.

Stella Andrews.I envy her.We have been best friends since pre-school.She had everything,she was beautiful,smart,athletic,the hottest guy in school was her boyfriend,she had a twin brother that loved her so much,she was the soccer team captain.She just had everything.

And her father...believe it or not...Okay you may think I'm lying.His parents.So Stella's grandparents actually took DNA from him when he was seven.This is a true story.And they took more DNA from another seven year old girl and they created Stella and Stephen.That is why they are so perfect because they were made not created.They didn't come from a woman's womb.

Okay so right now you probably think I am insane and that story is not true.well it is.And he tried to get involved with Stella and Stephen's "Mother" but she didn't want to marry at twenty and raise kids.She wasn't into it.So he took them and he is now twenty four and he couldn't look better.He had  blonde hair that was always pushed back,he was tall with broad shoulders,he was a MLS(Major League Soccer) player.Which is where Stella got her skills at.

They had loads of money and they were famous.They had it all.And I so badly wanted to be with Stella's father.every time I was around him I felt my face get hot,I felt my stomach flutter and become queasy and I felt safe and happy.He probably saw me as a daughter because I was around there so much.But I yearned to be more.Although I knew the possibility of being with him was like the possibility of dating a guy from One Direction.Practically zero to none.

 But I didn't care I would still try to get his attention anyway I could.And if that means I have to show how mature I am then I will do it.

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