Broken Necklace

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Day in, day out

Waves ashore, waves offshore

Toiled, toiling, toil

Wash, cook, clean

Tired, tiring, tire

Labor of love tireless

Fall, falling down, so tired

Tears, spills, puddles

Bleeding salts

Fingers wringing raw

Voiceless as fish in the sea

How does a fish cry?

Only saw a dolphin beg for mercy from a human once

Saw dolphin stare in his eyes one last time

Then, it swam to the bottom of the pool of captivity

Unbreathe its last breath, bubbles reaching bursting in the surface

Never came back up

Will that happen to me one day?

That I breathe my last as I give up

Exhale life one last time 

Retire from the life I hate so much

Like the dolphin lost its will for life

Existing for the pleasures of others

Having dedicated two and half decades of circus dance to bring joy to so many people

To serve at sacrifice of self preservation

To serve at sacrifice of self preservation

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Morbid, I know. But sometimes, words carry so much weight in their meaning. Or none at all when you take them lightly. 

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P.S. I'm reading The Surface Breaks: A Reimagining of The Little Mermaid by Louise O'Neill. It is a wonderful read. It made me think about men and women, how our roles are so different and yet we struggle in pursuit of happiness any way we can.

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