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After they got home. Shawn went upstairs and crawled into his bed, burying his face into his pillows. Justin changed out of his dress clothes and knocked on his door. When he didn't get a response he slowly opened it, seeing a tuckered out Shawn laying on his stomach.

Justin smirked at how cute Shawn looked as he went into Shawn's dresser, grabbing some pjs for him. Shawn snored as Justin began to change him for bed. He slid his Harry Potter pj top over his head gently, Shawn not moving a muscle. Justin then pulled Shawn's pants off, and threw them into the hamper. Shawn whimpered slightly in his sleep as Justin pulled his underwear down slightly to rub a bit of cream on them.

Shawn started waking up as Justin rubbed the lotion on his skin, he whimpered and started whining half asleep, his stinging skin being bothered stirred him awake. Justin quickly shushed him, "go back to bed baby, it's okay, shhhhh," he murmured, luring Shawn back to sleep. He finished with the cold cream and pulled his underwear back up. He didn't put pants on him because he wanted his backside to breathe. Justin quietly left out of the room, closing the door gently.

After he went back into his own room, he collapsed on his bed. Falling asleep. After a few minutes he was waken up by Shawn, who was sniffling and looked like he had been crying. Concern plastered Justin's face as he sat up. "What's wrong buddy?" He reached for Shawn, pulling him into his arms.

"I'm scared," he leaned his head on Justin, stomach feeling queasy. Justin rubbed his back, rocking the half asleep teenager. "Why? What happened? Did you gave a nightmare?" Justin asked. Shawn shook his head and sniffled again, "what if something happens? w-what if people think I'm a brat? What if-" He clung to Justin, worried about the future and that the paparazzi might've heard about his outburst and that he possibly messed with his big brother's career.

Justin internally rolled his eyes, knowing that he, himself has said and done way worse that the paparazzi publicized about. He was curious as to why Shawn was so worried about what happened.

"Shawn, you're fine," Justin mumbled half asleep, rubbing his brother's back as Shawn continued to ramble, "I c-can't take this anymore," Shawn sniffled, his thoughts going a mile a minute as he pressed his head into his hands, breathing heavily. "M-make them stop!"

Justin's heart rate went up as his brother was having a panic attack. He quickly scooped Shawn into his arms, or as much as he could with him being so tall. Shawn was shaking and tears streamed down his face as Justin tried to calm him down by rocking him, stroking his soft hair. "M-mom! M-mommy," Shawn sobbed to himself, whenever he had anxiety issues in the past his mother would comfort him.

Without her being here, Shawn felt helpless and that his sense of self doubt and worthlessness got stronger. As Shawn cried, Justin rubbed his hand up and down his back, 'We've gotta get you some help,' Justin thought, pressing a cheek onto the teen's face.

"You'll be fine, I've got you. Nobody's going to hurt you on my watch, okay?" He murmured, kissing his ear in the process and pressing Shawn's head onto his as Shawn kept his eyes closed, trying to get a grasp on reality. Justin wiped Shawn's tears from his face as he rocked him slowly, Shawn inhaled the scent of his brother's cologne and deodorant, slowly drifting back off to sleep.

"That's it, go to sleep baby." Justin whispered in Shawn's ear as Shawn started falling asleep, "I love you," he mumbled as he drifted off, Justin smiled and ruffled his curly hair, "I love you too, you'll be okay." Justin reassured in Shawn's ear after he fell asleep.

Justin leaned back onto his bed, holding Shawn close as his own eyes started getting heavy, Shawn's breaths were soft as he slept on top of his brother, Shawn was still gripping Justin's shirt even when he was asleep, not wanting to be separated.

Justin sighed, he knew Shawn was having some issues mentally and he probably needed to get him some sort of therapy to help him cope with the things going on in his life. Justin pressed another kiss on Shawn's cheek as leaned back, thinking.

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