I briskly walked upstairs to get ready for Carter's party. I couldn't help but think that if the boys had arrived 5 minutes late then they might have seen something more than what they saw. I began searching through the closet in the bedroom that me and Taylor share, I pulled out a tight black dress with a pink zip on the back. Pulling it on, I realised that I wouldn't be able to zip it up. "TAYYYLOOORRR! I NEED YOU FOR A SECOND!" I yelled down the stairs. Almost immediately, Taylor began walking upstairs "whats up baby girl" he asked before pecking me on the lips. "Zip up my dress for me?" Taylor smirked and began zipping it up "you know, later this is just gonna get ripped straight off again so I don't see the point in zipping it up--" he began but I turned around and smashed my lips onto his and whispered seductively "is that so?" I winked and strode off down the hall.

Taylor and I had both finished getting ready. I wore my black dress, with a pair of silver Jimmy Choo stiletto heels which were a present from Taylor. I braided my hair to the side. Downstairs, the boys were all waiting for me, Hayes and Cameron whistled as I walked over, but Taylor gave them the 'touch my girl and I'll smash your faces in' look.

We all got into Nash's car, and began to drive to Carter's place. Taylor had his hands wrapped around me the whole way which I enjoyed a lot to say the least.

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