Peirce my heart with Elvish silver (Legolas Greenleaf love story)

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The rain battered and bruised her pale face, the wind making the water droplets just much colder and the fog making it almost impossible to see even an inch in front of your own hand, but she didn't care, her eyes were trained for these conditions, she was after all the most feared assassin in all of Middle-Earth, Lúthien Sindanárië, also known as Life Sucker.

Peering into the trees of Mirkwood, she reminisced on previous kills, learning from the techniques she used, for this is her toughest assignment yet, she must obtain and retrieve the head of the new ruler of the woodland elves, King Legolas Greenleaf, this was not going to be easy.

She advanced towards the forest, a bag of several arrows gracing her back and an elven sword in its sheath, decorating her hip, long brown hair flowing down her back, some falling straight down, the rest up in a small ponytail, and jumped as she walked, gripping her bow in her left hand.

She was wearing the softest silk skirt that reached her ankles and had cuts up both sides to allow more movement as she may need it, and t'was the colour of autumn leaves that hath fallen from their branches, she had midnight black tights that flattered her slim yet strong legs, a silk top to match the skirt which had a 'v' neck that stopped abruptly at her bellybutton and to finish, she wore thin leather dolly shoes which were also midnight black.

She wore minimal make up, she saw no point in caking herself in it, it would do her skin no good, and plus, what good is make-up when you're just going to get blood on your face anyway

She smirked as she saw the Elven gate ahead of her, and she picked up her pace and sprinted to it, running her hands over the wood that it was made from.

"this gate...was..."

her voice, barely a whisper in the wind, and the laugh that followed was even more so

" such a minimalist idea, it'"

she sighed silently


she said with a sceptic look upon her face and she drew her sword, easily cutting the two parts of the gate into pieces

"I'll collect it later, I'm in need of firewood"

she hid the pile of logs she had just created under a mound of moss she found and walked down the stone path.

She soon found herself avoiding cobweb after cobweb, she knew too well not to touch them, she knew too well the hallucinogenic effect they had and she knew too well about the spiders that could easily catch her if she touched the webs, so she was cautious, little did she know though was that the spiders had become more....cunning, they knew that people would be cautious and trying to avoid the webs, so they now took advantage of the lack of focus.

As their victims concentrated on not stepping on the webs, they would sneak up behind them and grab them, catching them off guard....this was the approach every time, even now.

Lúthien stepped carefully around the white death traps, and up in the trees, watching every move she made was the spiders, they slowly and quietly flung them selves out the trees and dangled behind her and quietly crawled up behind her, fangs bearing, venom dripping and legs quietly scuttling alone the stone.

The problem here is that they realized who their prey was at the last minute, they were right behind her, that's when they noticed, pointed ears, braided hair and most importantly, her symbol, the symbol of an assassin, which depicts a victim having his throat slit in a circle of blood, which was sewn onto the hip of her skirt, she turned her head to the side and smirked

"goodnight boys"

And with that she flew round and cut the leaders head off and caught it before it fell and showed to the others

"anyone for seconds?"

she said, a shy smile creeping onto her face, which turned into a full blown smile as the other spiders ran

"no? thought not"

she dropped the head and it landed with a thump and then a squish which made her spine crawl, she's always hated spiders, then her ears picked up a new sound as then were so sensitive, the result of living alone for more than 5 years....this sound was new to her, but the squeals of the spiders wasn't, someone over the hill was finishing off the spiders that had fled moments ago, then she heard it, that familiar sound of an Elven arrow been let lose of its sheath and not a second later a spider head flew over the hill and landed by her feet, an arrow stuck in it's eye.

She pulled out the arrow and kicked the head away in pure disgust and studied the arrow more closely, Elven silver, she knew it, a little voice in her head was telling her she had to hide or else her plan would fail, but there was another voice that chirped in soon after saying that if she was captured she would get into the castle faster and she can retrieve Legolas's head.

As this argument was raging inside her head, the voices were getting closer, she wanted to move but her body did not comply, she kept trying and trying but the voices they were now all around her, she couldn't run even if she wanted to, she was trapped, she mentally cursed herself for being foolish and not fleeing while she still had a chance, mentally hitting herself for not hiding, she closed her eyes, hoping this was a dream and that she had somehow touched the web and was with the spiders, at least then she could fight her way through them and not get caught.

But when Lúthien opened her eyes, she was not greeted by the grotesque face of a large spider, but by the tip of an arrow, cocked in a Elven bow, held by an Elf, and again she mentally cursed and hit herself, but she remained calm, no emotion on her pale, lifeless face, the Elf holding the bow spoke first

"I know you so I won't bother asking your name, Lúthien Sindanárië, and I won't ask what your doing here because I have a pretty good idea why, and who for"

The tipo of his arrow lowering and stopping at where her heart lies, with a small smirk on his face

"Disarm her!"

He shouted at the guards surrounding them and they quickly rushed forward and took her bow and arrows plus her sword and two blade she held in her shoes, hidden in the soles, she gave a warning growl, aimed at the guards and their leader, but he just laughed

"I'm not scared of you girl, cuff her!!"

she barley had time to speak before cold iron was placed on her wrists and locked there, then she saw them attach some sort of rope to them

"you're going to get excatly what you deserve murderer, you'll be begging for mercy when the King is done with your pathetic soul"

She just growled in reply as they dragged her, the guards wither weapons far behind them, well here goes nothing, the guards have either made it easier for her to finish her mission or they have just sealed her fate, forever.

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