When I got upstairs Sammy was asleep so I got changed into my pajamas and went to sleep

*The Next Morning*

"Alexa wakey wakey time to get up !!!" Sammy sang

"I'm up what ?"

"Sophia's made pancakes and I have good news you know my brother Nathan? Well he's agreed to meet my Dad for lunch on Wednesday" (Today is monday)  I hugged Sammy

"Wow Sammy that's great I'm so hapy for you"

"And it will be good for you cause last time I spoke to Nathan he was in love with you. So if things dont work with this guy you'll have someone who genianlly really loves you"

"Anyway we got to go eat pancakes come on lazy bones" Sammy say dragging me out of bed

"Wheres Zayn ?"

"Oh he went home early this morning cause his parents didn't know he left last night"

"Oh"  I say walking down the stairs we ate our pancakes in the kitchen and they were amazing they had nuttela and berries on top.

"Sammy can you drive me back home ?"  I say helping Katie wash the dishes knowing I'm going to get another row.

"Yeah of course we'll get changed first" we went upstairs and showered and got changed into a yellow flower sundress. I curled my hair and did my makeup. Sammy wore her black skinny jeans and her Hollister hoody and then she drove me home 

"I'll text you later okay?"

"Bye Sammy" she and I shut the door. I went upstairs and just layed on the bed Nate text me

Nate got plans today ? xxxx

☆Alexa☆ Not really chilling in my house why ? xxxx

Nate can I come over ? xxxx

☆Alexa☆ sure what time ? xxxx

Nate 4 o clock?  xxxx

☆Alexa☆ ok see you then xxxx

☆Alexa☆ 4 Maple street xxx I rang my Nan

"Hello Alex how are you dear ?"

"I'm fine Nan you?"

"Im okay dear"

"How Eliza? Has she being trouble? "

"No dear she's been an angel"

"Can I ask another favour then can you have her for tonight and then I'll collect her tomorow afternoon? "

"That'll be lovely dear I will see you tomorow then."

"Thanks Nan bye"

"GoodBye" I got up out of my bed and tidied my room then I tidied Eliza's room. I went downstairs and tidied the kitchen and living room.  And then went back upstairs and got my laptop and played The Sims till three O'clock. I went and checked my hair and makeup and got changed in to my white jeans and baby pink top with white polka dots on.

I went downstairs into kitchen and made spaggetti bolagnase and made   melted chocolate and marshmallows on sticks and chopped some strawberries and put them in the fridge. By the time I had fineshed the door knocked I went and answered

"Hey Alexa, how was your day" Nate said smilling

"Its been good how was yours. Come in" he walked in amd sat on the sofa

"Awful the guy I was training couldn't be bothered to be there first he was half an hour late then he didn't want to do the exercises I showed him" (He's a personal trainer if you forgot)

"Well that was not a good day hey" I said sitting next to him he pulled me in a hug

"Mmm whats cooking? "

"Spaghetti bolagnase with, melted chocolate and  strawberries or marshmallows on sticks"

"Perfect, also I have something in the car for you . Well you can share her but she's for Eliza" I went in the kitchen to check on the food and Nate came back with a carrier bag and a chocolate labrador puppy  with a red ribbon with white spots.

"Her name is Minnie" she barked

"She's cute Eliza will love her"

"She still at your Nans?" he asked putting Minnie down I put a bowl of water down and he put a couple of tins of dog food down on the counter from his carrier bag

"Yeah she'll be home tomorrow afternoon,"

"Ok, do you need help with food?"

" No Im nearly done can you help set the table though.  Plates are in there and cutlerys in there" I said pointing to the cupboards, he set the table and I dished out

"Wine?"  I said  getting the glass and wine out

"Yeah ok"  I put a glass in front of him

"Say when" I said pouring

"That's fine" I poured mine and we started eating.

"Alexa this is amazing how did you know this was my favourite?"

"I didn't this is mine and Sammy's favourite its Sophia's version of bolagnase"

"Oh who's Sophia" he asked

"Sammy's families chef "

"Ok I will have to thank Sophia for teaching you an amazing recipe"  when we finished I went to stand up to take the dishes to be cleaned till Nate took them off me.

"I can do that" he said he washed the plates and put them back.

"Do you want to watch a film ?"

"Yeah ok," I took him up to my room and showed him my films and he picked friends with benefits, he put the on the film and sat on my bed and patted the space next to him for me to sit by him I sat by him and we cuddled while watching the film.

When the film finished Nate turned me around so I was facing him he turned my tv off

"Alexa ?  Do you trust me?"

"Yeah of course"

"So if I told you something you wouldn't hate me?" he said sadly

"Why would I hate you Nate I really like you, I feel like I've known you my whole life" He looked like he was going to cry,

"You have though."

"What do you mean I have?"

"I'm Sammy's brother"

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