Chapter 3

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First off, let me say, I have been one lazy person these last few weeks. I have done nothing, it is Wednesday afternoon and I'm writing this in class just so I can get it done for Wednesday. If you have been waiting for a chapter, blame me :) Alright, on with the chapter!


Tuesday came around quickly which only meant one thing, training. As Kacey pulled up to the pitch where she trains, she sees Cooper pulling up.

"Kacey, first one here again, hey?" Cooper stated.

"Yeah, I am. And you say I lack motivation." Kacey replied quite rudely. Cooper just shakes his head and walks off to set up for the night’s session.

"Kacey!" Jane shouted.

"Yeah?" Kacey started mentally kicking herself because she thought Jane had seen her looking at Cooper's butt. Jane plopped down next to Kacey.

"I saw you looking at him..." Jane said

"Um, no, I was not looking at -"

"Looking at who?" Oh great, the one and only Bec along with her minions.

"Yeah, looking at who?" Hailey mimicked.

"Does it matter? Now shoo, I don't need you around me, you're giving off some real bad vibes!!" Jane snapped.

Hailey, Bec and Jaime sashayed off into Cooper's direction, obviously about to start the nights flirting session.

After the warm up, Cooper called all the girls in to talk about last Sunday's game and where the girls needed to improve. 

"Girls, let me say, that was a great game you played on Sunday. Although the team was higher on the ladder than you, you kept the pressure up and played to feet. Kacey, you made great leads to receive the ball and that shot you had was magnificent. Your crosses were on par and overall you just stood out. But, Bec, that was one of your worst games, you were constantly offside and were being a ball hog. Your attitude was appalling and you were back in the defensive half, talking to your little minions. if that happens again, you will be coming off and not playing for the rest of the game, I don't care how far into the game we are. Same goes for you Hailey and Jaime."

After Cooper had finished his little rant, he sent the girls off to start the first drill for the night. It was called 1 V 1. The objective of the game is to dribble the ball to the opposite line with out losing the ball. If the balls goes out of the field or someone scores a point, the players swap lines and the next two players go in. After the girls had been doing the drill for about five minutes, Kacey noticed Bec, Hailey and Jaime standing off to the side having a nice little chat. Kacey walked out of her line and went over to the girls.

"What are you doing? We are part of a team, come and join in." Kacey stated.

"Um, no, we are not. We are just here because our parents made us sign up, they are complaining that all we do is stay home." Bec replied.

"Well, I'm sorry, I don't really give a crap. Come and join in, or piss off." snapped Kacey.

After Kacey had said that, Bec and her little minions rolled their eyes and actually started to participate.

"WHY IS IT SOOO HOT?" Bec complained.

"Uh oh, another whinging session, just shut up would you Bec? I'm not in the mood. Girls, pack up everything and set the field up for a small sided game, please." Cooper said.

Kacey caught Jane's eye and started giggling at what Cooper had said. After they had played the game until the end of training, Cooper called the girls in to talk about Sunday.

"Alright, as some of you may know, we have a bye on Sunday. I normally would call training on a bye but I decided to let you all off. Alright, see you next week."

Sorry it's short. I can't think of anything to write. 

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