Menyama Muster

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Menyama Muster

We are a small community in Wau

In the cool high land

Coffee planters, tea planters, foresters

Down the way is Mount Bulolo

A disused gold mine

Expats from those heady days

Stay in Wau to while away their days

Not close-knit; we are mainly Brits

Well me and my mate's son, Davy climb

2000 meters up thru rainforest jungle

Rocky waterfalls, leeches, no tracks

Half way up we sleep the night in the pouring rain

My mate Johnny, a yank, is kiap officer

For the Menyama plains

He's going home soon, met a girl

He offers to give me his two horses

A brown mare, 16 hands and her 6 month old foal

The only way is by foot.

Me and Davy stay the night

In his bamboo hut

The next day I take the reins

And Davy, the foal.

Johnny and I bid each other farewell

I've come here by plane a few times

To visit the Menyama farmers.

Going down the mountain is harder than going up

The horses stumble on the slippery rocks

We sleep again half way down

In the tumbling rain.

In triumph we walk heads high

Through Wau to silent applause

I break in the foal

And Davy rides the mare

Proud 12 year old.

We did the adventure

And glad it was.

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