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True terror,

What is it?

A tear rolling down a cheek,

To speak threw expression,

not words.

True terror is darkness,

with evil as its rider.

Casting out demons,

To trigger the terror,

Of a true darkened evil.

A child in a never ending slaughter,

cries out for help.

Her mother, father, laid in her hands,

Acid like tears dripping down,

That is true terror.

A man slaying for an idol,

To kill any innocent soul.

What will happen to the light,

As it is taken over by dark,

A true terror.

A child's head on a spear,

Is the mans trophy for his work.

A gun held in the wrong hands,

Not for honer,

But for murder.

A true terror is that man,

Who's day job is slaughter.

A true fear is a child,

Who has nothing to lose,

But her life.

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