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Okay, I look at the clock to see that my alarm didn't wake me up nor my mother who wakes me at Saturday to say I have classes and when I'm about to leave would say its friday why are you wearing your School Uniform ,typical, I known. 

Well I had 20 minutes to make our national flag because the time is 5:00 ,I need to get to school at 6:10 and practice for our speech choir presentation, stressed? ask me ,I'll twist your nip.

So I was running to school with our national flag like a patron in a war crying out "REVOLUTION "in every stride .

As I run, it was super windy and was raining so when I got to school I looked like a major mess, explain? sure.

Imagine a girl in a nun outfit without the veil and the skirt is  over the knee , that has yellow stars on her sleeves and chest .A large red scar like slash on her back and blue paint on her hair,face and legs.

Yeah, I'm a walking Philippine flag with a boyfriend Mr.pole.

Oh yeah my ex's last name was poole....

After like 12 ear bleeding shouts later and our actual practice we changed into our costumes .

Then the competition ended up with us embarrassed for stopping because we don't remember what to  say and the other competitors helping us along the way .

All was done ,our leader cries. Somebody stole my socks while we did the competition so I went beast mode and all were laughing. 

I thought that I would have a better day because I lost my socks but, NO, because after calming down I got my test from accounting that states I failed by one point. 


Wait there's more, our math teacher comes in and says only 9 people passed his subject in our assembly AND WE'RE LIKE 89 STUDENTS!

So I thought that it would stop there,I was walking down the stairs as fast as I could so that I could trip, fall and die but that didn't happen.

I went in the chapel for choir mass practice and yet another teacher and another group of students laugh at my sockless attire and made me recite the songs in a way a poet would ,so ,once again, embarrassed.

Then my BestFrenemy comes to me and abandoned me on a project in math plus she ranted about her ex after.

Then I lost the lock for my locker.

The way home was no better, it was still raining and I left my umbrella in our classroom at the 8th floor. I find my cousin laughing at me because  I got water in my  shoes plus I had no socks and I bought ice cream then a super cold milk tea and a sago't gulaman that only had large ice cubes so I was more and more pissed .

When I got home ,I reported to my parents what happened, and I was like crying and they were like putting oil to the fire in me then I couldn't take it anymore so I cried more in my room and they made e do chores .

Then this guy texted me sayin


and  I was like


and he went

hahahaha tot

and all I wanted to do was

t T ^t T

but he was cute so I didn't mind

Oh Yeah my mom also laughed that I was sockless... 

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