Chapter 9

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Camila sighed heavily, disappointed because the rose is not the right wish. It has been days since her visit in the hospital but still there's no progress. It's not that she's rushing things but there's something that really bothers her especially when she's with Lauren. And she doesnt know what that is.

"Boo!" Lauren shouted trying to scare Camila. Camila just looked at her weirdly.

"E-PIC- FAIL" Camila said slowly mocking Lauren.

"Ugh why are you so fearless?" Lauren pouted.

"I am but its not because of that. Youre just not talented when it comes to horror even though youre a ghost." Camila simply said.

"I'm not a ghost! I'm a soul" Lauren protested.

"Whatever." Camila said as she rolled her eyes.

Suddenly the phone rang.

"Wait I'm gonna answer it!" Lauren said.

"As if you can." Camila huffed. Lauren giggled realizing the truth.

Camila slowly walked to the phone and answered it.

"Hello?" She asked.


"Uhm.. who's this?" Camila frowned. She heard a sob from the other line. "Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah.. It's just that I miss you.."

"Who are you?" She asked. She has a strange feeling about her voice.

"This is your dad, Alejandro "

Camila was silenced. She dont know what to do or what to say.

"Camila.. my daughter.."

"Dont fucking say that youre my dad. You fucking left me.. You left me!" Camila shouted.


"Youre what?! youre sorry?! What the fuck! That's what all of you always say! You, Everyone! You always say that youre sorry. " Camila yelled. She can feel her blood boiling because of anger.


Camila quickly hung up the phone. "Fucking shit"

Lauren noticed Camila's anger. She went to her and stood beside her. " Who's that?"

"Nothing" Camila said. Lauren just sighed knowing she's not telling the truth.

"You know what, sometimes we need to forgive and forget. Give them another chance so that we'll be free from the sorrowful part of our life." Lauren smiled.

"There are people who dont deserve another chance." Camila said.

"Are they really not deserving or you just dont want to give them one?" Lauren asked. Camila just looked down and stayed silent.


"Come on!" Lauren called.

"What are we going to do here in the park?" Camila irritatedly asked.

"Nothing" Lauren said simply.

"What?! You brought me here to waste my time? What---"

"Sshhhh" Lauren hushed as she put her index finger to Camila's mouth. "Just enjoy, beautiful" she winked.

"Wh-what the heck!" Camila looked away as she felt herself blush. Lauren just giggled.

Lauren suddenly pulled her to the bench and sat down. "Just sit, watch and enjoy the view like I always do."

"Whatever" Camila rolled her eyes.

She looked around. There are so many people but only one caught her attention


"Haha stop-- haha" the little girl giggled as her father tickled her.

"Do you love me?" the father asked.

"No.. Hahaha stop haha okay I love you!" the little girl said. The father smiled at hef and turned her around.

"I love you too" The father said as he kissed the girl's forehead.

"Dad I want an ice cream"

"Okay let's go"


Camila smiled at the sight without noticing it. Lauren looked at her and smiled also.

"You miss him, dont you?" She asked. Camila looked at her and frowned. "Your dad"

Camila just sighed and looked down.

"I know that you need him whether you accept it or not." Lauren smiled. Camila looked up. " Just forgive him. Give him another chance"

Camila looked away and hesitated at first. Suddenly she sighed and looked at Lauren.



Camila stood infront of their mansion.

"You can do it!" Lauren cheered.

Camila just looked at her and sighed. She entered their mansion. The maids just looked down as she pass by. odd. The curtains were closed and it's very silent. She felt strange about it. It's not how it usually looks like.

She looked at Lauren who is also confused. Lauren just smiled at her signaling her to continue walking. She just nodded.

She walked straight to her father's office. She opened the door to surprise him but he's not there. She turned to Lauren. Lauren just smiled sadly.

Suddenly a maid went up to her. She frowned at her actions.

"Uhm.. young lady I'm sorry to say that.." the maid hesitated.

"That?" She asked.

"Y-your f-father" The maid stuttered.

"My father what?!" she asked eagerly.

"Your father is in the hospital"

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