Part 3

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An hour later and Olivia is tugging me into yet another shop. I groan and frown for what must have been the 27th time today. "Im gunna get wrinkles because of you" i whine and rub my forehead. She gasps and slaps my hand away. "Um ow?" i frown (again) and rub my hand. "You'll smudge your makeup" she points and I roll my eyes "i dont wear that face paint junk" she shrugs returning her eyes back to the railing of clothes. "I put some on that second head of yours when you fell asleep in the car".

"Just because im sleeping doesnt mean you can jus- HAY! its not that big" i try to reason covering my forehead spot with my hand. Her hands pause as she swivels around popping her hip and leaning her elbow on the rack. Here we go. "Look ali. You are meeting 2 out of 5 of the hottest males ever to live tomorrow. If you want to survive cover your little forehead friend up" i huff and mumble "ben was hot.." she lets out a snort and scrunches up her face. "No. Nuh uh. Listen sweetie, ben looked like a mix between the 4th doctor who and marcel styles" i frown in confusion "marcel who now?" she face palms. Literally, face palms "best song ever?" She changes her voice so its slightly squeaky "cute as button every single one of you" i just raise my eyebrows and shake my head as she plants her hands backwards on her hips and moves them awkwardly. "Seriously what the hell is that?" she huffs "its the dance he does" i shrug as she storms out the shop yelling something about how she "cant deal with these amateurs". What the hells her problem?

I follow her out searching left and right for my red headed friend until someone walks smack bang into my back. "Shit" i sit up rubbing my arm where i landed looking around trying to locate the reason for my pain. "Marcel?" I question "uh- i mean ben!" Damn you Olivia. He smiles pushing his glasses up his nose before holding out a hand to help me up. I take it tentatively and hoist myself up, releasing his hand as soon as i feel stable. "You got a hair cut" i smile a little motioning to his dark brown hair no longer dangling in his eyes and instead standing upright in what I'm guessing is an attempted quiff. He makes the same motion to my head "so did you". I nod as i hear a scream and a weight on my back "hello ben" i hear Olivia's flat tone.

She never liked ben, said he was too needy..i personally thought it was pretty cute. "Olivia." Ben replies in a similar flat tone "anyways I'd love to stay but my girlfriends waiting" my eyebrows knit together. Girlfriend? He's 19 yet has the face of a 12 year old, he spends all his time trading magic cards and works in a comic book store. How the hell did he get one so fast? "Girlfriend?" i question, speaking my thoughts as he rubs at the back of his neck awkwardly "uh yeah..shes new at the store.." I drop Olivia to her feet and nod pressing my lips into a thin line. It would be a lie to say i don't miss ben. Sure he wasn't the most attractive guy in the world but he never failed to make me smile. His cute little dimples pressing into his cheek whenever he smiles never fails to melt me and right now, with him grinning at me, I'm seriously close to becoming a puddle on the floor.

Olivia slings her arm around my shoulder "well, Benny, we gotta go too. We're shopping for the date Ali has tomorrow" i look up at her with panicked eyes. Date? What date? I don't have a date! "A date? With who?" He asks crossing his arms. Thats what I'm thinking mate! Liv smirks "you've probably never met him. He's famous. Louis Tomlinson. Thats his name. From one direction. Plus he's older and has some muscle. Yeah aliyah likes a man who can be strong for her. Weird. She never seemed to have that with you". By this time shes just a few inches from his face. "BOO" she suddenly shouts and its evident that he jumps. She giggles innocently before stopping mid hiccup to stare at him. She then talks to him lowly "see you around...Benny boy...". Then, with a flick of her hair shes spinning and walking away from him dragging me with her "I'LL CALL YOU" i yell back to the terrified boy as my best friend continues to drag me backwards through the shopping centre. "No you wont." She speaks and its no question. Its a command. So for once in my entire life, i shut up.

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