she scanned the lines, the seas and the land on the maps which were spread out in front of her. she will find him, he isn't gone, he will come back.

he always wanted to go back to australia, she thought. he would always tell her of all the wonderful things that were there, and he would always remember how different it was from here. she tried to push the image of him from her mind. his curly hair, big deep eyes, dimpled smile.

it never worked, trying to forget him. he was an image burned into her brain, from countless evenings spent together, gazing at stars, laughing at dumb jokes.

"oh ash, why did you leave me?" she thought out loud.

she checked her phone for the time and saw that it was 2am, she also noticed that ash's instagram had been deactivated. a glimmer of hope flashed before her eyes as she thought this was a sign, he is alive, he is online, why won't he just talk to her?

lois fell asleep on the maps she had lying out, upon waking up she felt an urge to go to ashton's house.

she got dressed and walked out the door, taking her maps with her, hoping to find anything, anything at all that would direct her to where she could find him.

upon arrival to his house, she knocked on the door and his mum answered. her eyes softened at the sight of lois.

"hello lois dear, how are you going?" she asked in her soft, kind voice,

" i'm doing okay, yeah i'm alright," she paused " how are you?"

"well it has been terribly difficult without him but i think we are slowly coping better,"

lois looked up and stared into her eyes while saying " you know i'm never going to stop looking for him right?"

anne marie nodded and with tears welling up in her eyes said " i know darling, we will never give up either,"

" i was wondering if i could just go into his room for a little bit, i dunno why, it just feels like I need to be with him and this is the closest i will get,"

"of course lois, always,"

lois walked though the home of the boy she loved so much and had to hold her breath to stop the urgent sobs that were threatening to come out.

when she reached his door she, closed her eyes and twisted the handle.

she walked in and everything was as it had been. his bed neatly made, his desk as messy as it always was and his drum kit still sitting in the corner. she walked over to the kit and sat on the stool.

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