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"Its time for you to make me feel"

The room was shrouded in darkness, the only light was the harsh flickering glare of the TV. There was no point in further illuminating the room, his hooded eyes were used to picking out the smallest details in the dark. Its his job, his life, its what he does, its all that he does.

"There have been no new leads in the horrible case of mass abductions that have hit England these past few months." The news ankers face was solemn as he delivered his pre scripted words. "The police have yet to find the link between all of the women that have gone missing. None of them share the same features, age, occupation, or have any other determinable link between them. The abductions have not been centered on a certain area in England, but have been completely random....."


Bryan leaned against the bar, his target, an old man which looked slightly younger than his age of 56, was across the room from him, laughing loudly with a group of friends. Bryan doesn't bother to get closer, he doesn't need to hear what they are saying, he only needs to keep is target in his line of sight. Bryan doesn't need any more information on his target, he has what he needs. Mr Kent, age 56, investment banker, two children, one wife, one scorned lover. But its neither the lover nor the wife that fills his pockets this time. No, the man with the money is the scorned lovers ex husband. That's all Bryan needs to know, all he cares to know unless its a detail like Mr Kent knows Krav Maga. That would be an important detail, a detail that would change his approach. But Mr Kent does not know any marshal arts, Mr Kent is a soft man, a warm man, a lover, not a fighter. Mr Kent will be dead by eight o'clock tomorrow.

A sudden laugh hits Bryan in the chest like a bullet, and he cant help but turn his head to the right, his dark eyes leaving his target for the first time that night. Its her, its her laugh, its Iris! Bryan's eyes widen as he takes in the redheaded woman, his heart sinks as he soon realizes that it isn't her, it isn't Iris, its just some random woman. He is about to turn his eyes back to his target, to his mission, when the woman throws her head back, and laughs again. The clear joy filled sound fills his ears with the most exquisite ballad. And there she is again, Iris. Iris laughing. Iris laughing at the man across from her, flirting shamelessly with the blonde man wearing black leather pants.


A heavy sigh escapes his lips, and the room falls into complete darkness as he kills the TV with the press of a button on the remote control lying on the table in front of him. He twists his head slowly from side to side, a small pop is heard, and then he stands up. Its time, so he makes his way into the library, his nose is soon fills with the scent of books.


Empty. He feels empty. He is used to feeling nothing, because before Iris there was nothing, and now after Iris, there is nothing. But this emptiness isn't like the one before Iris, this one is worse. His old emptiness had at least some feeling of color at the outer edges, but now there is nothing, nothing at all, not even darkness.

His fingers glide over the spines of several books as he searches for the one he is after. The muted sounds of the bookstore fills his ears. They are all normal sounds, nothing that would raise his alarm, noting to make him alert. His eyes are so busy running over the titles of the books in front of him that he does not notice the hand until his own hand suddenly crashes into it, into the hand apparently searching for the exact same book as he is. His dark eyes glides over the hand, and up the length of the arm, not stopping until they meet a pair of blurry blue eyes. The short brunette blushes as his dark cinnamon eyes feast on her innocent blue orbs, and she quickly looks away, but she is not quick enough. She has caught his attention, her blue eyes have caught his attention. Iris, the blue coy eyes of Iris have caught his attention. He smiles, the grin turning his face into a creature of pure beauty, making the brunettes flushing face deepen into a slightly darker shade of crimson. He bites his bottom lip, half the job is apparently already done, she fancies him. He opens his mouth, his velvet voice, his words, are more than ready to reel her in. She is his after all, she just doesn't know it yet.

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