Chapter five - Fighting already

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Sorry for lateness and shortness but gonna update again tomorrow. Trying to get back into the swing of things!

The person I love- the person I am married to and I promised to be with forever. Is embarrassed of me. What just happened.. My boyfriend.,. No my husband just downgraded me to his bestfriend.

'Please- DAN come back!' Phil cried, but I kept walking, I walked out the hotel and walked along the road. Unsure of where I'd end up, I had no phone or money. About half an hour later I found a park, I walked in sitting on the first available bench and let what just happened flash back in my mind.

What was it that made him not want to say we are married, was it the gay part of the fact he thought I wasn't good-looking, was it because he was embarrassed to date somebody younger?

I sat on the bench for what felt like hours until I started getting peckish. I decided to head back to the hotel and get some money for food.


I pushed the card in the door, praying Phil wasn't in but as soon as I opened the door phil ran up to me.

'Dan I'm sorry!' He began, he now had me pressed up against the wall so I couldn't move. Making me feel uncomfortable. 'I love you ok, seeing her made me panic, I am not embarrassed of you at all. Why would o be your are gorgeous.' He smiled.

'Are you embarrassed because your gay?'

'No way. I'm proud. I will call her and tell her I'm gay right now if you like,' he smiled. He still had her number...

'I just came back for some money-' I mumbled pushing past to get to the safe. I got out enough for something to eat and possibly something for dinner and closed it up again. 'I just need to be alone for a bit.' I mumbled grabbing my phone and walking out hearing Phil let out a sigh before hugging me quickly.

'I'm sorry.' He whispered before leaving me to walk down the hall.


'But seriously why wouldn't I travel all the way to Australia to look at the play station games!' I laughed.

'You tell me!' Troye replied, he slightly crooked smile beaming. I met Troye in the park, his friends stood him up and was about to go home when he dropped his wallet so I picked it up and told him. He offered me money in return but instead we made a deal for him to show me around Australia.

'Haha so what's next on what you really wanna see!'

'A mc Donald's as I'm starving!' I cried.

'Are you asking me on a date!' He pretended to flick his hair, winking.

'I sureeeee am!' I giggled, Troye knew I was married to Phil, weirdly I actually opened up to him and told him. He told me about a guy he liked called Tyler in return.

'Take me to the closest royal banquette for Mc Donald's!'

'Ok, your majesty!' He bowed before linking arms with me and skipping off out the shop and down the world. We soon ended up up in one and both ordered. My phone buzzed.

I hope you are having a great day, I'm really sorry I will make it up to you. Come to the hotel for 8PM! Dinner plans - Phil

I smiled, showing troye who shook his head.

'He can't just repay you for what he did with food!' Troye grumbled. 'Although I'd accept, you shouldn't! Hw should firstly tell the girl that you are actually dating and married and then take you somewhere- let me phone his guy!' Troye pulled the phone off me and clicked Phil's name.

'Hello- No this is not Dan. Troye- a guy... No. I met Phil in the park- Yeh. Ok you need to stop- no- phil you lied to your ex about your husband that's peak.' He continued as I laughed at his phil mimicking voice.

He hung up.

'So what did he say!'

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