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Dear Wattpad reader's,


  I know you expected this to be a story or whatever, but this. This is my diary. Yes, it's weird to have your diary, something that holds all your secrets, on a social network. But, as long as you reader's don't know me, we're fine. I would write this in a book but my mom or a family member could find it and read it. And I don't want that.

Anyway, I'm starting my 8th year but at a diffrent school. You see, I've been attending the same school since Kindergarten. Now, my grades were okay but that school don't teach you crap. So, I'm leaving my best friends, since day one behind, to get a good education. My sister, who is a grade behind me, proceed's to go to that school. For friends. I probably sound like a selfish girl trying to make something of her self and leave her friends behind to be forgotten, but I'm not. If anything I love my friends. They really help me through a lot, and if I lost them I'd me a little shy girl lost in our big world. Thanks to them, I'm found and know my place around.

Now, my mother has not enrolled me as of yet. And I have to have a list and all so I'm freaking out! And I start school before my siblings! So I could have started last week, or tomorrow, I don't know. All I know is, I'm gonna be the newbie.

I kind of thought I would be an outcast, because I am not the popular type. I don't wear make up, I'm against it, I don't wear dresses nor do I wear skirts. I'm more of the 'natural beauty' girl. Natural beauty is what makes you, you. If you wear make up to feel better about your self, I get it. But you should embrace your flaws, let loose and be you! It's the best thing to do.


I think you shouldn't like a guy for his looks, I mean it could be a bonus, but you should really like a boy for him. What if he's a geek that wears his mother's knitted sweaters? So what! He could have the things you look for in a guy! He could, know how to treat a women, or won't cheat, or be honest, ect. Ugh, enough about boys.

I'm really writing this because I need help on how to survive a public school. Middle school. Bullies. Boy drama. Teachers. Parents. And if you've ever experinced these things, help a girl out?

yours truly,

me x

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