My Brothers Best Friend - One Shot

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Michelle's POV

"Are you sure you are alright Em? You look tired." 

"Michelle I've already told you I'm fine". She replied, looking shifty. 

I was sure something was up with her, I hadn't seen her eat in a while now. I was hoping she would open up to me, but clearly whatever it is she doesn't want me to know. 

I've been friends with her my whole life, and now she won't let me in. I know it must be hard, whatever it is. I know her parents aren't around much, and Emmett is away sometimes, playing soccer, or hanging out with Parker. 

Damn. I wish she would just let me in. 


"Emmett, have you noticed anything strange about Emily recently?" I asked him with all sincerity.  I was genuinley worried about her, she was going to the gym at all hours, not eating (from what I saw) and lastly she was spending a heck of a lot of time with Daniel. 

He was definitely not good for her, and I wanted to know what Emmett thought about it all. 

"Honestly, Michelle. I'm really worried about her, she won't eat with me anymore, I don't know what to do. I just..." Before he could finish, his phone started blasting out ringtone. 

"Yeah? Okay. I'll be there." He said to the guy on the other end. My face must have shown the fear that I was feeling as he turned to me...

"That was Daniel. Emily has been taken to hospital, she collapsed." I was in shock. I didn't know how to respond. I quickly walked to my car, hoping that I could see her. 


Bursting into through the hospital doors, I looked around for the reception. I had clearly come in through the wrong entrance, as all I could see were corridors, endless corridors. Walking around the corner, I found a sign. 

Damn.  I had been walking in the wrong direction. Turning around, I walked into the reception. 

"I'm here to see Emily Winston" I said authoritively to the woman behind the desk. 

Barely looking up from her papers on the desk she asked "Are you family?" 

"No, I'm her best friend, although her brother will be here shortly." I don't know why Emmett refused to come in my car, it's not like my driving is that bad. 

 Still refusing to look at me the woman behind the counter mumbled "Sorry, we can only allow family members into the room, you can take a seat in the waiting area on ward 3 but I can't guarentee that you will be allowed to see her."

She didn't even tell me where Ward 3 was, guess it was time to look at another signpost. 

"They have her on Ward 3, main receptionist a bit of pain" I sent to Emmett, and started making my way to the correct Ward. 

Once on the ward I found the Ward, they allowed me to see Emily. What the heck was wrong with the main reception lady? 

I wasn't sure if I was ready to see Em, I didn't know what was wrong with her...

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