The beginning

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Nichole sat up in her bed waking up from an alarm clock. She clicked the snooze button and flopped back down. Groaning she stared at the ceiling. "Stupid collage...." she grumbled getting back up and went to the bathroom. After getting ready she grabbed her bookbag and left the house, obviously locking the door first. She went down the steps and began walking to the cafe. Since it was next to the bus stop, Nichole went inside and grabbed a hot chocolate. She took a sip as she went back outside feeling the slightly harsh wind peirce her face. She pulled up her scarf and sat down at the bus stop.

In five minutes the bus would come. Nichole sighed. This is what she got for getting up early but it was not like she kinda had a choice to sleep in. She was automatically wide awake around the time her alarm clock went off so there was no point falling back asleep. Nichole looked to her right to see a male around her age, maybe a few years older if that. He stared down  at his sketched book, focusing on whatever he was doing. Nichole couldn't help but stare.

After a few minutes the male looked up, meeting Nichole eyes. He blinked and tilted his head a bit. Nichole blushed lightly. "I'm sorry but i was intrested in knowing what were you maybe if you weren't mind showing me..?" Nichole asked shyly. The man blinked at her. For Alexander it was really unusual for someone to talk to him. He looked away shyly and handed the women his sketch book hesitantly to her. Nichole gently took Sketch book and her eyes slightly widen. It was the most beautiful thing she has seen drawn before. The curves and line that gracefully moved along around the paper. Nichole looked at him and smiled softly. "This is amazing artwork..I never seen such sketching like this. Your very talented" she said quietly as well as shyly. Alex smiled a bit as the Nicole handed him his sketch book.

"My name is Nichole..Whats yours?" Nichole asked. "Alex..." Alex mumbled and looked away from Nichole. She softly giggled and smiled brightly. "Are you a collage student?" She asked Alex. He simple nodded as he began sketching agin. Alex was slightly uncomfortable with talking to a person who he just met. Nichole sighed heavily. "Come on...Talk~" Nichole couraged Alex to talk to her. Alex looked up and was about to say something when the bus finally came. Nichole got up and slightly smirked. "You lucked out this time" She let out a small laugh as she climbed on the bus.

The bus drove off as Alex stared at it. "uh huh...." Alex blinked a bit and yawn. He looked down at his sketch book to see a small heart in the middle. He raised an eyebrow and erased it softly. He didn't remember drawing it nor seen Nichole draw it. He went back to sketching softly, watching the curves and lines fit like puzzle pieces.

After a bit of time a bus came up and Alex instantly got up and walked up into the bus. He sat down in the back and stared down at his drawing. To him, It was such a simple eye that was tearing up. Nothing so fabulous actually about it. Spilling all his worries and sorrow into his sketch book calmed him. Alex looked up into the window to see himself. He blinked and chuckled at himself.

Little did Nichole and Alex know, this was their beginning of a beautiful but unfortunate story.

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