The Story

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Chapter One.

Jade's POV.

" Ignorance it's your new best friend.
Ignorance it's your new best friend! "

"I think we're a bit rusty, don't you think?" Abby asks.

You see we're in a band. No, not some girl group. An Actual Band. We're called Tinted. We're basically, no body's from California. Jenni's our drummer, Anna's our lead guitarist, Abby's our bassist, and I am the lead singer and guitarist aswell. But you see, there's these assholes who get in our way. 5 seconds of shut up.

I used to live in Australia, Luke and I always hated each other. He and his band were known as Australia's future celebrities. Until I had enough, I was 15 then moved out to good ol' California with my Aunt Mary for a music career. That's were I met my three loving sisters.

We were all different in our own ways. Believe Me. Jenni was the girl who could make something up and the next day would be a trend, she had the best style, the best shoes, the best hairstyles, you name it. Anna was the blonde, and blondes get everything, she was basically the girl everybody wanted to be, all the boys liked her, Everyone knew who Anna Smith was. Abby was the rich kid, she had her own space her own clique, very secluded from others, probably because she was too busy maintaining the best grades and all. And I, I was the new girl, the odd one out, I had a nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, and I always wore black. Not that I'm goth, I just like the colour.

We started hanging out more and more over the months, we had lots in common. We thought of making a band out of the blew. I'm still surprised they even agreed to it. We did a few gigs here and there, but nothing big. But, damn 5sissy pants have it good.

"I want a break!" whines Anna. Pretty sure we all do An.

"Quit your yapping!" Jenni snaps.

"What the-" Abby gets cut off by some yelling and shouting.

Oh My God.

"Hey ladies." A blonde cocks at us.

"The hell do you want?" I ask pissed as hell. What are they even doing here?!

"We came by, because we didn't want to miss your surprise!" Screams the rainbow head one.

"What supri-" Anna starts to say.

"Oh ladies! Seems you have already met your tour partners!" Our manager Stephanie comes in.

"What do you mean?" Jenni says through gritted teeth.

Holy shit she's pissed.

"You're opening up for 5 seconds of summer, on their American tour. Oh you better start packing, because you leave on four days." Stephanie claps her hands, smiles icly at us, and walks off the stage.

"Did you get it!" One with a bandana exclaims.

"Get what?" Abby asks confused.

"Your guys' reactions! Hahaha hilarious!"

Luke says.

"Wait who are they Jade?" Anna asks.

"The worst nightmare you'll ever live."



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