It Begins

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'Yesterday began like any other, the sun radiated and spoke to the sky, it echoed to the wind and ordered the day, the day I dreaded.' The thoughts of Emily Brooks turned the eyes of those who judge, those who hope to 'kill' your spirit, them being your peers. In her tale of woe Emily expressed her deepest thoughts, and those are known to 'kill' you. Emily then decided to turn to the 'ends ‘of her life and started to cry. Cruelty had struck her like a bat to a ball, she didn't like it at all and in that instant she snapped "I am not going to take this from children" as the words came her courage strengthened, as did her skin. There was more tears, no more smirks and definitely no more fear. Emily had stood there as they continued to read, and the more they read the tighter her fist formed. Emily knew there was an element she'd hoped to reach, one where she realised that 'this is wrong', but nobody liked lack of action.

So in her my coat her hand explored and within seconds she had pulled out a case, enclosed was a pair of glasses. It was then and there she found her element. 'If you can't beat 'em; join 'em,' her mother was a person of few words and these were of the few she spoke. Emily saw their faces as she reached her hand out in search for her notepad, she was desperate and on the brink of falling to the ground in constant sobs. She was determined to stay strong and keep faith in her strength, for she was known as the weakest of links in the school, and didn't argue their so called knowledge of how efficiently to judge, for they were the best.

Silence struck the room as he walked in, the whole class stopped to stare. Emily sat down in shock, ‘who would come to a new school for one year, how would you even get to know anybody?’ Emily thought to herself as she stared at him in awe.’ He walked forward, but Emily looked straight and fantasised her way into her ideal world, she wasn’t popular, but she wasn’t invisible either, she was the student who hoped to finish school and stay with her friends. As the sun shone in her eyes they burned and begged for moisture as she stared out of the window he blocked the second he walked into the room. Emily closed her eyes and her daydream changed, the colours brightened and the room became smaller when she saw him.

 “Everybody; eyes forward, class has begun. “The teacher’s voice hardly swayed Emily’s decision to look at the boy 2 columns over, 1 row down. He was beautiful yes, but that wasn’t what intrigued her. When she looked at him she felt safe and she wondered if that was love, ‘could it be love?’ Emily thought to herself. “Good now everybody turn to page 112, section 4, The Biology of a Human Body; Anatomy. This will be your subject for the remainder of this term, now who would like to tell me what they know about their body?” His compulsion confused Emily because she loved science; well really she liked the look of the science teacher. Mr. Lennings was a male in his mid-20’s, with sandy blonde hair, and a voice Emily felt was worth listening to. Today Emily had met her match, for she didn’t hear a word that came out of his mouth, she was too busy looking at the whiteboard planning how she might approach this creature that had consumed her thoughts.


The bell sounded and broke her concentration, or lack of concentration. She walked out of class and into the cafeteria, and as she ponded whether to approach him or not, she remembered that she didn’t even know his name yet, as much as she argued with herself that he would tell her she saw that it was pointless, her self-esteem sunk to the bottom of her feet as she looked into her hands and thought of the story of her mother meeting her father, it wasn’t romantic, it wasn’t spontaneous and it wasn’t memorable, but it was all of those things to Emily, and she wanted it to be all those things with this boy.

‘Your father and I worked together, and one day my beauty became too much for him to handle. Your father was so sweet when he said, could I have the pleasure of taking you out to dinner, please, and I remember my heart melting and seeping into his, that was all I needed, that was all it took for your father to take my heart.’

Emily ate stories like that up, but it didn’t show in her social life. Unfortunately Emily was lacking in quantity and quality of friends, for her last friend stole her mother’s purse and skipped town. She was determined to finish High School at the end of this year without the unnecessary support of friends. She was not going to think about that boy unless she had to.

Emily felt at ease by the end of the day, she felt as I her plan was working, she so desperately wanted to get home and read a book, go for a run, cook dinner, do something that wasn’t so planned, and compact like school. The siren woke Emily up in homeroom, Emily was so tired of homework that she stayed up all night last night to finish hers in hope to get a free period, but she was not in luck, so she slept for 59 minutes of homeroom, then she wouldn't miss anything. Emily continued her scheduled day of attending school, then walking home to where she could be free.

On her way home Emily stopped to admire the scenery around her, her hands by her side swayed to the beat of her heart. She took in the aroma of what she thought was the trees, later to find it was freshly mowed grass. Emily looked around and saw things she had never seen before, she had lived here all of her life and as she looked around she forgot where she was. Everyday seemed to finish before she knew it was due to start. It was Emily’s last year of High School, and still she hadn’t planned her future, she had no idea was she was ot become Her hobbies didn’t seem to match her academic abilities and this frustrated her teachers; who hoped to guide her, sculpt her, help figure out what she wanted from her life.

Emily thought back to the aptitude test she sat at the beginning of this year, and she began to question the answers she gave. As Emily looked around she saw a world she liked but new she hoped to change, questions invaded her head as she continued to look into her future.

Emily had finally arrived home. Time just flew as she walked home, she didn’t even realise how loud she walked before, she was always listening to music, but today al she could hear was; Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Her efforts to walk lightly came through eventually. For once in her life Emily thought about something other than herself when she thought about the way the day around her progressed, she remembered tripping over an innocent girl who and dropped her books, and she refused to say sorry in an effort to avoid conversation, for about half an hour Emily reflected on her day looking at others rather than herself, she decided these thoughts were precious and deserved to be documented. She was as glad she had retrieved her notepad form her peers, because not only was that her only form of conversation, but she believed it was her saviour from the world that was slowly killing her. Emily was very emotional and felt her feelings stronger than others, at least that is what she believed, but after her first reflection involving others, she changed.

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