Part 1

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"This weather is just terrible! I don't think it's safe to keep driving, hun," Lucy exclaimed as she tried to peer into the dark through the rain-coated windshield. The wipers were barely able to provide a clear view, even at maximum speed.

Her husband Matt sat next to her, his eyes fixated on the road and his face stern from concentration. "I can't say I disagree with you," he spoke slowly. "But we're almost there..."

Lucy sighed deeply as she kept staring out into the blackness of night, a flash of lightning illuminating the sky every few minutes. After half an hour the headlights hit a road-sign indicating the presence of a motel just off the next exit. "Is that the place?" Lucy asked.

Matt nodded. "It must be. It's the first motel I've seen for miles, and it's supposed to be around here..." The car slowed down as the exit came into view; the large amount of water made the road treacherous and the bend forced Matt to a pedestrian's pace.

Lucy peered out the window at the motel lights; it was right next to the highway. "It looks rather..." She searched for the more politically correct term, but Matt beat her to it.

"It looks like a place for hookers, drug-dealers, and serial killers."

She gave him an angry glare. Sure, the only neon-letters still glowing were the "o", "e", and "l", giving it a rather shabby appearance. "It looked alright when I looked it up online. Besides, it's just for the night..."

"How early did they serve breakfast again? We need to depart before nine if we want to be in time for the wedding," Matt said as he turned the car into the motel's parking lot.

"The lady on the phone told me we could eat at seven, so no worries there. We can leave at eight so we have some time to socialise with your friends before the ceremony." She smiled at her husband.

The car came to a halt and Matt killed the engine. He turned to his wife and placed his hand on her leg, gently squeezing it. Returning her smile, he said, "Thanks honey. I'm very happy you planned this all out. I still can't believe Joe is getting married..." He shook his head.

"I still can't believe Patricia was the one to ask him." Lucy giggled. "Then again, she always was the rebel." She turned to look at the motel entrance and the smile faded from her face. The rain didn't seem to lessen any time soon and another thunderbolt rolled through the sky. "How about we get inside?"

Matt grinned coyly. "Do we have a choice?" He opened the door and quickly jumped out. Lucy grabbed her bag and ran after him, the sound of the car locking behind her barely audible due to the heavy rain.

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