Chapter 20

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Of course Alex and Cara are mates! My best friend and my other really good friend, damn you Seline, mother, Moon Goddess whatever you are. "I'm happy for both of you but we really need to clean all this up or else Tyson will most likely try and kill me. You can get back to this later"

Violet Rose Paw POV:Present:

"Give me the damn remote!" I say as I place both my hands on my hips.

Tyson refuses to give me the remote to the damn TV! It is important to watch Season 4 episode 10 of Teen Wolf! I need to know who the benefactor is! God men! He wants to watch some stupid racing show called Top Gear or something?

"Woman, you have almost had the TV for an hour. It's my TV I should be able to watch what I want, when I want." He nags like a 5 year old! Sheesh

"Like the porn on your computer?" I reply automaticly. I slap my hand over my mouth as my eyes widen in realisation of what I just said. I think a lot of other people heard it to. I managed to stop Shawn and Kierans make out session though.

"I do not watch porn! I am not a child. I have the real thing with my girlfriend, Carlee and I love her!"

Wow. That stung. I know it shouldn't since we aren't together or anything but our wolves still love each other. I look down at the ground losing my tough act.

"Yeah. I know your dating my slut of a sister and I know I shouldn't feel like this but it does still hurt. It hurts you don't even try to get to know me. I hate how we are always at each others necks. Literally. And if I am to save your pack from rouges, hunters and anything else, you are going to have to put up with me. So yeah. Have your stupid remote." I throw the remote at his frozen body. He looks guilty about what he said but I am not going to be fooled by that act.

I run upstairs into my room and lock the door behind me. I shouldn't be feeling like this. Make it stop. He doesnt like me. He doesnt love me. He doesnt want me. Why can't I just have a second chance mate? It would make me forget about Tyson. I lay on my bed and look up at my white ceiling. In my head I feel someone trying to break the wall I put up so I bring it down for the person to speak. One word from one person makes me jump out my window and shift.


So yeah. Hi guys. Ummmm this chapter is dedicated to @MentalFacepalm She is a brilliant writer and I wish her all the best. She has 2 books

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Boundaries | Hemmings

I personally am not into 1D fanfictions but this is the best I have ever seen!

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