Chapter 5.

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The days until Saturday were long and boring, but I managed to survive them. Today would finally be the day of Ashton's pool party. I texted him, asking him where we had to go. Vicky and I discovered that he owns a house, just outside campus. "I can't wait to go! It's going to be so much fun!" Vicky squealed. I noticed over the days that she does that when she is really excited to go somewhere. "Im going to wear my pink bikini!" She said as she got it out of her closet. Her closet was now covered in posters and pictures, it was quite cute. 

She really decorated her side of the room. I didn't do much yet, just some pens and pencils on my desk and a little photo fram of my parents, Dylan and I. It was on Dylan's third birthday I thought. I didn't have any time to decorate the walls but I didn't care that much. When Vicky had put on her bikini she looked at me. I was wearing my new beach dress and simple toms. "Aren't you going to swim?" She asked me. "I don't like swimming.." I responded her. "Why not?" "I dont like it if people see me in bikini I guess."

"Don't be so insecure!" She told me,"You're really pretty Kate! You're curvy in a beautiful way, as I said before, I'm jealous. I saw you with your towel on and I wished I could look like that one day. Gosh, sorry. I won't force you into a bikini but you should know that it wouldn't look bad or anything on you."

I didnt say anything. Im not insecure, I just don't like it when people see me in bikini. Not necessarily because of my body, I just didn't like it. Maybe later sometime I will, but not now.

"We should go, let's go with my car. You've got the address right?" I nodded yes and we walked to her car. "Would you like to drive?" She asked me. "Yeah sure, but don't blame me if I crash" She chuckled. 

When we were driving, Vicky put the radio on. The weather was nice and with the music in the background, it almost seemed like a movie. "It should be somewhere around here.." I told Vicky. "Probably over there!" She pointed to a big house with teenagers in swimwear all over the place.

We parked the car and went to the house. Not sure if I should just walk inside or knock on the door, I was very happy Ashton saw us and came over to us before we had to actually knock in hope he would hear us.

"Kate! Vicky! Thanks for coming! The pool is behind the house and drinks are inside. Food is also inside but I'll have a BBQ later today! See you later!" We both hugged him before he went to some other boys, who also just arrived. I felt so out of place here, it was very crowded and there were a lot of girls screaming when they got thrown into the water.

"Look over there!" Vicky pointed to a couple kissing. "Thats Abby and Luke!" And suddenly I recognized the boy. "I knew it! I knew I had heard his voice before!" I blurted out. "What?" Vicky asked confused. "He's the boy that spilled his coffee over me! Im sure it was them in the showers!" Vicky burst out in laughter. "Well, the boy next to them is Michael, I'm going over there. You coming too?" I nodded and we walked over to Michael, Luke and Abby.

"Hi guys!" Vicky said. "Vicky!" The boy which I assumed was Michael pulled her into a tight hug. Abby and Luke decided to stop eating eachothers faces for a while to say hi back to Vicky. "Aren't you that coffee girl?" Luke asked me. I nodded yes and could feel I was turning red. I didn't look long at him when his coffee went all over my clothes, but now I could. His bright blue eyes were amazing, just like his laugh. I know he was laughing at me but I didn't care. He was beautiful.

"Stop staring at him so much, you're drooling." Abby said, making Luke laugh again. I felt awkward. I didn't like Abby. She just looked snobby. Her face was covered in makeup and her bikini was way too revealing. Not that she really had much to reveal, but it was enough to give me a bad impression of her. I don't know why but I didn't want to talk to them at all. Michael and Vicky were in some conversation about games so I decided to just walk inside.

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