Chapter 15

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Jack's POV

"No, no, no." I'm pacing back and forth. Arguing with myself.

Yes, yes, yes. She's your help. Remember? His voice is a hissing and evilish type that'll scary you in an haunted house or those things.

"She's not help! She's just going to get herself hurt."

Who cares? Once she's dead, or hurt, or annoying, you have your knife. You can finish her off before-

"No, that's not how it works. I'm not going to do that."

Yes you are! Now tell her!

By body turns and faces her as if on command but I didn't want to. She looks a little confused and entertained.

"You can stay." I said and she got excited a bit.

"Yey! Thank you!" she throws herself at me and hugs me. Tight enough to where I could barely breath, but I didn't want her to let go. It felt nice. However, I didn't hug back. Which made it awkward for the both of us. Nice move. "So...what do you do all day?" she asked.

"Uh." I don't know. Nothing. "Sit. And wait. And kill?" I question.

"That's lame. Why don't you just hunt your food instead of just waiting for it to come to you?" she asked.

"Because, killing people is wrong." I say, sitting down. 1. Sit.

"Is that why you do it?" she crossed her arms.

"No." I pull out my knife and run my finger along it's edge. "I have to. Because you don't see what I do." I use the knife as a pointer then begin to wipe off the dried blood.

We just sit in silence. I'm so tired from last night. I didn't sleep at all. Once I left her house, I ran back into the woods and just standing and staring at the moon. And then the sun rose. I start to doze off, my head leaning on my shoulder.

When I wake the sun is going down and Sphere herself has fallen asleep. I take upon liberty to watch her sleep, because I don't want to wake her. Yes, me watching her sleep is very perverted, but it's worth it. I mean, how often do you get to live in secret, with a girl you like? That's right. Never.

After when it was really dark and the only light was the moon and stars, she started to wake up. "I have an idea" she said stretching. I raised an eyebrow to ask what, but she can't see my face because of the mask.


"People live in these woods. Deep inside the woods. Why don't you find a house and live in that?" she said finishing her stretch. I considered this.

"That's actually a great idea. " and without making sure she stand by. I stood and walked in any direction by feet would take me.

People did live deep in these woods. Mainly hunters so they can have the best shots whenever they wanted. Not many people lived in the woods though. So it's a great place to stay really. Just need to find the house, that would be a good start. As a matter of fact, that would be the start. And the end. My mission now: find a house and kill the people inside. No problem.

Scratch that. Huge problem. Walking takes forever and we haven't found a house yet and only god knows how we are going to kill the people inside. I mean, logically who does these things?

You. Idiot. You're doing it now.

He keeps telling me these things and what's best for me. He just doesn't know how I feel. He just doesn't get it and won't shut up. Who he is exactly, I don't know. It's just a frightening voice in my head.

Speaking of voice I heard man, whistling to himself. Ahead was a man, dragging a dead by it's hind legs which were tied.

"I bet if we followed him we can find his house." Sphere said from behind me. I forgot she was here for a moment. And I just nod.

He didn't live that far actually. It was this large cabin like house. And right before he walked up his stairs, Sphere just had to sneeze and I elbow her because he turned around and point a gun in out general direction. However, Sphere and I managed to press our selves back to back behind this fat pine. Sphere sighed and stepped out from behind the tree holding up her arms.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come across your home." She said.

"What are you doing?" I growl as quietly as I can. She just glanced back at me and at the man.

"Why are you in these woods anyway?" the man asked her.

"I was looking for my friend, Jack. He was-"

"Jack? The boy that went missing the other day?" he interrupted. I now see her plan and begin to sneak behind some more trees getting closer and closer.

"Yes. Uh, he kind of. Just left I suppose. No clues of anyone breaking in or prints of any kind. So maybe he just. Left." her lying is believable. I would believe her. And he did.

"Ah. Well you can look about. Just don't come any nearer." He said.

He turned around and began to walk up the stairs. No. Not yet. I'm not close enough yet. I need him down. Result: me running full sprint toward his back driving the knife between his shoulder blades and standing above a dead man and a dead dear underneath me.

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