"Coach, how come were doing gym with the boys this year?" I questioned our gym teacher.

"We always do mixed gym classes in senior year." she replied.

Colour drained from my face as I remembered that Dexter was in this class with. This is going to be hell!

Coach laughed at my reaction and as if she read my mind said "Don't worry it's not as bad as you think, especially if am running the class."

A small smile spread across my lips and i said a quick thanks before jogging to the running track, where I saw my other two best friends, Robbin and Aiden, probably talking about their summers.

"Hola my bitches!" i exclaimed when i reached them pulling them both for a bone crushing hug.

"You do realise I am not a girl?" I pulled away from Aiden and saw his eyes were filled with amusement.

"Don't kill my vibe." I said in a serious tone but then we all started laughing.

"God, I've missed you Kay." Robbin said when her laughter had died down.

"Same here!" I replied, a big smile on my face.

Robbin was the definition of beautiful. She had long, golden hair, that shined in the sun. Her eyes were a piercing blue, that seemed to see right through you.

Aiden was a brunette, with a nicely toned body and bright green eyes. He was fit, but I didn't like him in that way.

Gym was going pretty well until we had to play a mixed game of dodgeball. Seriously! To make matters worse Dexter was one of the captains and so was Vanessa's friend Chloe, who I didn't quite mind.

I crossed my fingers praying that Chloe would choose me, however, I must of wronged God at some point today because Dexter called out my name instead.

I groaned inwardly and started making my way towards him and my team mates. He was grinning like a hobo who had just won $1000 dollars. This just made me scowl even more.

"Sweet cheeks, that is not the reaction I expected. You should be jumping up and down, smiling wildly." he said placing a hand over his heart, in mock hurt.

"Then I guess you haven't got the memo that I don't like you!" I bit back trying to restrain my anger.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." he winked at me before turning back to the remaining people to choose the last person he wanted on his team.

"Jerk" I muttered before walking to stand away from him.

Unfortunately for me, he made sure that none of my friends were put on this frickin' team, so I stood there like a loner. My. Life. Sucks.

Gym dragged on for ages and finally coach blew the whistle, telling us to go and get changed.

"Dexter seems to be giving you a hard time." Robbin chuckled.

"Tell me about it." I sighed, raking a hand through my hair.

"You know any girl dreams to have his attention like you do."

"Well it's not like I asked for it. He's already got one twin, why can't he leave me alone!" I groaned.

"Maybe he feels like Vanessa isn't the right twin." she said simply, while picking up her bag and walking out of the changing room, leaving me very deep thought.



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