Part 3

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Sorry for long time didnt update...Plz enjoy my story

We walk into class and the class and te whole class start to chatter loudly (I mean VERY loud)

"Wow~they are cute~~"

"Humn...just some girl"

"Well they may get alone with Prince"

"No way!!!Thay belong to us!!!"

"Yeah espeacially Len-kun!!!"

And blah...blah...blah...

"Ok class quiet or I will use my tuna!!!"Luka-sensei said with some death glaring.Of course the class get quiet instanly then she turn to us with some sweet smile"Okay girl get in your set now...Ren you will sit next to Len and Rin you sit in front of Ren and next to Piko...Miku you sit between Kaito and Gakupo now first entroduce your self"

"Hello I am Rin Kagamine and I love singing and dancing so does Miku and Ren"Rin said cheerfully

"Hi~~My name is Miku Hatsune and I love music like Rin said my favorite type of guys is handsome,kind,good at singing~~please take care of me~~<3"Miku said then half of the boys in class exerpt the Prince faint in joyness and half of them get them get a nosebleed...It is my turn now...

"Hi...My name is Ren Sayaka(or you can change to your name if you like,I forgot to tell you in the first chapter)"I said coldness...all the class went silence then after that"She is a bit shy and mean so please take care of her"Rin said have her arms around me"Yeah so dont you boys think of touching her she's us!!"Miku glare and get of her package a leek.

"Okay enough of chatting go back to your seat"Luka-sensei said with a smile

Then we go to our seat and...



Haha!!!XD handcliff!!!Sorry,I just got busy recently so I cant update everyday and sorry if the story are suck and sorry for didnt tell you to change the name at first >_< I just lazy to write (y/n) or (y/l/n) cuz I'm writing on my phone so duh...Anyway bye!!!

               ~~Remi Seiwaya~~

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