Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

"Good Morning. Welcome to Sweet Summer Café." A young man greeted me warmly as I entered the café.

I return it with smile and I walk towards the counter, but I stopped midway and thought to myself, 'Can I really do this?'. Then I remember the situation we are into right now. "I need to do this. Get yourself together Andrea. This is for your family." I say to myself as I reaffirm myself.

I firmly hold my resume and continue to walk towards the counter, and I see that the person managing the café is a guy, even though his back is turned. I've got to say, I never expected that a guy would be the one managing the café. He then turns around and notices me and then speaks.

"Hello. Good Morning. Welcome to Sweet Summer Café. What can I do for you?" The guy says sweetly and his smile is so damn sexy.

I was loss for words. Why am I starstrucked all of a sudden? I'm just here for the job for Pete's sake. Damn you hormones and every single female spectacles that affects my daily life when around cute and sexy guys.

"Uhm, hello? Miss?" The guy leans closer and looks at me intently quite worried which made me snap back to reality.

"Uhm, I'm sorry. I'm here for the uhm, the job? The waitress wanted for the café." I say to Mr. Smiley in my most calm manner 'cause I think I'm losing my cool because of his stare and God! That sexy smile that he shows me! Why do you make people like them?

"Oh that. Thank goodness. We're short in the staff right now because, well, you know, the café just opened. Do you have your resume, miss...?" Mr. Smiley says and asks.

"I'm Andrea. Andrea Smith." I say to Mr. Smiley as I hand over my resume.

"I'm Christopher Summers. Son of the owner of this café." Christopher says without looking at me because he's checking my resume which I'm waiting for the best outcome to come. I hope I'll get the job.

"Quite impressive Ms. Smith." Christopher says as he takes a glance at me, then smiles and then back to my resume. Quite cheeky are we, eh Mr. Smiley?

You and your nicknames to people are ridiculous.

My subconcious tells me. I don't care if I give people nicknames and if it is funny or not so related to who they are or what they are. As long as I like it, it's a-okay to me. I remember back when I was just a little kid, I call people based on their physical looks, that's why my parents used to call me "Blabber Mouth". People find it funny and often, they're offended, which I don't give a damn about because I was kid, right?

"Please call me Andrea, Mr. Summers." I say to Christopher politely.

"If I'm going to call you Andrea, then call me Christopher." Christopher says with his damn sexy lips. I feel kind of harassed right now. Me and my female hormones that is

"Well, since my mom is not here to really check on your resume, I guess I have the authority to approve you, because as I look at your resume, you're quite remarkable, whilst your age and physique. Plus, I think I remember you, it's like I've seen you or heard your name before." Christopher says while crossing his arms, which then shows his biceps and triceps making those clothes fit into him. God, he is sexy.

Like Alex. My subconcious suddenly adds.

Shut up mini me. You don't deserve any comments right now, but I've got to agree with you.

"So, that means... I got the job?" I ask Christopher in disbelief.

"Yes. You got the job Andrea. Congratulations. Would you like to start today? Or do you want to start tomorrow?" Christopher says offers a handshake, with then again, his signature smile plastered on his face.

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